Friday, September 26, 2014

Infinity Insurance Company Review - Insurance Car Companies

Beware of Infinity Insurance Company.  Last week my daughter was rear ended by an uninsured driver, who was driving the car of someone that has the car covered through Infinity Insurance.

On the day of the  accident we began calling Myra at Infinity.  She did not return our calls.  When we called it was always, she is gone for the day or we left messages on her voice mail.  After five days of us calling, our insurance company calling and the body shop calling I had enough, I called her.   Mind you we were calling because, all we had was a claim number, a rental car and our car was dropped off at a body shop and we needed to speak with someone.

I was finally able to reach her.  I called her extension and reached the voice mail again.  I hit zero for the operator and guess who answers?  Myra...So she's the receptionist also.  I let her know that it was very unprofessional to not return any of our calls.  She began to claim, that she called all five people on my end that had called her.  That is not true, none of us had messages from her.  Our plan on this day was to all call her until we reached her and it worked.  She later began to say, I cannot hear you.  Your phone is fading.  The funny thing is she tried saying this to all of us.  Did she really think we were dumb enough to believe she could not hear us.  I know she did this, because after we each reached her, we compared our conversations.

Prior to calling her, my insurance told me what the limit was and so did the body shop.  She tried telling me, that there were claim issues and I should just use my insurance.  That was not going to happen.  When I told her I knew the limit and the damages and rental were within that budget she tried telling me to not trust the body shop, that they did not give me an accurate quote that it could increase considerably.  Little did she know, the body shop had told me that it would only increase by $200 and not more than that, I still had $2000 wiggle room.

After getting off of the phone with her, she called my daughter.  My daughter says she spoke to her in a condscending tone questioning her age, as if to say I should not be calling.  I am going to inquiry, it is my car that has been damaged.

Surprisingly she did call today.  She told me the car will be repaired, but I will have to pay for the rental out of pocket and they reimburse me.  Is she crazy???  There is enough to cover the rental.  She was still saying that I needed to wait for an accurate quote and I should not know the limit for the claim.  She questioned who told me.  The quote I had was from an adjuster from Infinity. She was trying to say that it was not.  The body shop told me it was.   She then said she would see if I could be an exception and they cover the rental. She said the only way they would cover it, is if I had gone to the body shop she suggested.  I told her she did not suggest a body shop, because it took five days to reach her.  She tried saying she did not call back, because she knew they had claim issues.  This girl has to be kidding!!!  She should have called back either way.  Once again, she was making up another story.

When I got off the phone with her I called the body shop.  He said, he could not understand why she is playing so many games.  She is acting as if this is coming out of her own pocket.  I still have $2000 wiggle room they can cover the rental and then some.

Now, I waiting for her to call back to act as though, the rental cannot be covered.

Infinity is definitely not one of the best car insurance companies.  I understand there are procedures when handling insurance claims, but this is unacceptable.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Calabasas Auto Spa and Detail Review

Have you ever been to an upscale retailer or service provider and the workers act as if they own the store or they are better than you?  This is what I have experienced at Calabasas Auto Spa and Detail.

A lot of the cars that are being washed range from Bentley's, Range Rovers, BMW  to Ford, Volkswagen etc.  I have been coming to this car wash for close to 20 years and will not be returning anytime soon.

The customer service is hit or miss.  Sometime, the manager is very friendly and others he is not.  I recall in 2011 I purchased a non luxury car and when I was conversing with him, he stated that the car was not a new car.  It was a new car, but it was not luxury.  This man has the classic case of  I think I am better, because I work here.  I am willing to bet, at the end of the day he drives off in his old car to his low income neighborhood.   On this particular day, one of the customers tipped him $100 and gave the other workers an amount I am not sure of and shortly after, that is when he made the statement to me about my old car.  I thought, this guy is rude.  Does he not realize, he is the one offering a services.   I could have easily hurt his feelings.  Mr. Car Wash Man.

I do not know how many times, I have taken my car in and they all act as if I am a new customer. They seem to only remember certain people.

Recently, I came in for a car wash and the manager insisted I pay for two washes, because he felt my car was too dirty.  Mind you I am anal about keeping my car clean.  Yes, it was dirty, but it had been one month since I had gotten the car washed.  It was not that dirty. Mind we do not eat in the car and I do not park under trees, in dirt, etc.  I told him, they needed to wash it once, in which that would be sufficient.  He would not budge and told me to take my car somewhere else.  This guy's head has been inflated or his head is really foggy.  How dare you treat me like this.  I am sure if I pulled up in a $200, 000 car I would not have received this sort of treatment.

I did ask to speak to the owner and I was given the run around.  No one was willing to help.  I left and then drove to another car wash and they did not have a problem with my car.  They charged me for one wash and seemed to have done a better job than Calabasas Auto Spa and Detail.  I do not know how many times I have to tell them, they have missed a spot.  They do not always take pride in my car as they do the others.

I have looked at their yelp reviews.  I am willing to bet the people that are writing the reviews are not real people or I guess it would be safe to assume, I know who the people are that write the positive things about this car wash.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey - Seafood Restaurants In Los Angeles- Killer Shrimp Review

Over the summer my family made the drive from the Valley to Marina Del Rel, to dine at Killer Shrimp.  Since the old location in Studio City left years ago, it had been years since we had Killer Shrimp.

Our dinning experience ended with us questioning if it was worth the drive.  The food was just as we remembered it, DELICIOUS!!!  Our waitress was lacking in personality and good customer service.  We arrived at the beginning of happy hour.  I do not drink, but decided maybe I will try something.  I explained this to the waitress telling her I would need something sweet.  She suggested a drink that tasted like straight, liquor.  I asked that it be taken off, she seemed bothered.  What was I supposed to do, I did not like it? Did she not remember she suggested the drink, it was way too strong.

After that, things seemed to go downhill.  She had an attitude throughout the remainder of our meal.  She barely acknowledged us, but was very personable with the surrounding tables.  When it was time for her to give us our check, she seemed a little better.  Did she think she was going to get a good tip?  We had not eaten all of our food, so we needed to have her place our food in the to go cartons.  She and a server took our bowls.  I watched them pour our food into the cartons, but they did not keep track of which bowl belonged to each person at the table.  The cartons were brought bag and just randomly given to us.  I was so upset.  She had such an attitude I did not bother to address it.  I was going to call the next day.

I did make that call, each time I called the manager was in a meeting of some sort.  I was asked my name, but not my number the times I called.  After calling several times, I did not call back again.

It sucks when you have been craving something and then when you finally get it, either it does not taste the same or something just messes up your whole vibe and the experience is off.

Killer Shrimp has good food, but they need to train the waitresses in hospitality.

Friday, August 22, 2014

ABC's Black-ish - Anthony Anderson Is One of The Rudest Celebrities -

Will I or will I not support Anthony Anderson's new show Black-Ish?  The reason I ask this question is, when Anthony Anderson was on the show Guys With Kids, I was invited to sit in on a taping and round table with with two other bloggers, cast and crew.

What seemed like a good opportunity turned sour as soon as I asked Anthony a question.  Initially Anthony was very friendly, a bit over the top, but I could tolerate it.  I started off my question with a statement by saying, I know he is manly, but how is it take on a role as a stay at home dad, that some would call a feminine job or a woman's job.  Mind you the show revolved around him and I think two other guys that took care of their children while their wives worked.  I wanted to elaborate before Anthony began cussing me out. " F" bombs were flying everywhere.  It was a full on  attack of words.  I could not believe this was happening.  The cast and crew sat looking.  Oh yes, the publicist that invited me did not say a word either. The producers did not say a word.  Here I was a guest and was being treated horribly by this actor that seems to be having a rough time keeping a job.  Ummm I wonder why?  Finally, Tempestt Bledsoe, who played is wife on the show, stepped in and tried to simmer the situation by saying, he did not allow me the opportunity to ask my question or finish my statement.  By this time I was near tears, but I was not going to allow him to get to me.  When I have shared this story with others they all say he may have wanted me to argue with him.  Trust me, I wanted to go off on him.  But we all should have a high level of professionalism and class in which Anthony Anderson is lacking in both.  Eventually, he began to act as though he was calming down.  As the interview went on he would turn to one of the other bloggers and say I am going to ask the white girl, I like her and acted as if I was not there.

When the producers sat down for their interview, I could not ask any questions.  I was just their.  I had been humiliated, by this jerk of an actor/comedian.  One of the producers did make a slight remark about how Anthony can joke a lot.  No, this was not a joke.  He was rude, nasty and arrogant.

Needless to say the show was cancelled.  Now he is starring in the new ABC series Black-ish.  I like the cast and would like to support this show, but since that day on set with Anthony, I have not watched anything he is in.  Oh yeah it is not like he works a lot, but I did not watch the Soul Train Awards when he hosted them.

Let's see how long Anthony Anderson keeps this job.  The show looks like it my be a show to watch.  I am not sure if Anthony Anderson can pull of the role of a wealthy black man, with class.  This is when he will have to show his acting ability, if he has any.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Robert Perlmutter Review - Online Doctor Reviews- Bad Doctors

After many days of searching for a new Primary Care Physician I was looking forward to my doctors appointment.

I began writing this less than an hour after I left Dr.  Robert Perlmutter office.  I am not the type of person that cries easy, but I left there in tears.  I found myself calling my insurance to file a complaint.  

When Dr.  Perlmutter came into the room he seemed very nice.  We introduced ourselves.  He then asked me to tell him the purpose of my visit.  As began to tell him everything and I told him that I have been anemic all of my life (one of the reasons I was there), he immediately began to tell me, it was impossible for me to have low iron all or most of my life.  I was thinking that is odd, considering I have been told that by the doctors I have seen in the past.  I guess I have just met the god of all doctors.  He states, he should know, since he  has been a doctor for 55 years.  Ah ha!!!  Yes, I have met the end all and be all of doctors.  

 He steps out and comes back in and begins to question my insurance although the office manager verified everything.  We get past that and then it was like a different person had entered the room.  Every time he would ask me a question, I would TRY to answer him, but he would then shoot my answers down or interrupt me.  There was no way he was hearing me.  He was being an absolute jerk.  This continues and the steps out again.  I am supposed to undress, only my top.  When he returned,  I found myself constantly smiling and trying to speak nicely.  He continued to be rude.  As he took my blood pressure, his tone was not very nice, as he spoke I felt spit on the side of my face.  

After checking my blood pressure, looking down my throat and taking a few deep breaths, things worsened.  He proceeded to ask questions and once again, everything I said was wrong.  I found myself saying, "I am not trying to be combative."  I maintained a soft tone, but this man began to talk loudly and asking me, "What do you want me to do?"  I told him, the purpose of my visit was to find out what was wrong with me, but if he would not allow me answer his questions when asked, we would not get anywhere.  By this time he calls in the nurse practitioner, she left the door slightly open.  He continues to badger me at this point and she is just standing there.  I guess that is all she could do.  By this time I cannot take it.  I ask that she closes the door, he is yelling and repeating himself.  I had told him that weight gain was a concern for me as well.  I am use to weighing 120 pounds and I have noticed a weight gain.  I eat healthy and exercise daily.  He swears he did not say this, but he called me overweight.  I know what I heard, because it upset me.  He asked me did I always have a little waist and big thighs.  How could he tell what I looked like, considering I never stood up. I do not have big thighs. He started suggesting the weight gain was hereditary.  No, everyone is small in my family.   When I told him, that I have a low calorie diet and I exercise, he began to yell more and say that he does not think this is going to work.  He does dot have time for this.  Wow, he does not have time for this.  I definitely do not.  I was the one that drove there, waited and am now being insulted and mistreated in his office.  At this point I am in tears, because I am realizing he is lacking in the area of professionalism and I do not want to stoop to his classless level.  I never raised my voice, but the tears kept flowing.  I was so made at myself, I never let anyone see me cry, especially if they are doing everything in their power to upset me.  Like many rude people, he continued to yell after a while telling me weight is minor, since I have bigger fish to fry, bigger fish to can he make that statement when he does not know what is wrong with me? I tell him I just want to move forward.  I came to his office hoping to find out what is wrong with me.  He asked me to tell him my symptoms, but he would not allow me to do so without interrupting and telling me I did not know what I was talking about. For example, I told him, my entire back hurts, he kept telling me it was my abdomen, because I mentioned I previously had an ulcer.  He claims I did the same, but that is not the case.   I was merely trying to explain what I was feeling.  I also told him, although we do not know each other it was clear to me that he did not like me.   I had not done anything to him.  Never once did he apologize, he walked out of the room.  Oh, I wish I had told him what I really wanted to say to him, I should have pointed out his big urine stain on the front of his pants.  

It is disappointing that the nurse just stood there in such a passive manner as this doctor disrespected me.  When he left the room, I asked her was this unusual, she said it has happened a couple of times.  I packed up my things.  As I left, the receptionist and the child that belong to someone that worked there were looking at me.  She asked for  paperwork and then handed it back to me.  Not one person in there asked me if I was okay.  I was treated so poorly.  I started writing this post yesterday, but had to stop, the pain in my back returned just as I left the doctors office.  My entire upper back was inflamed.  I had a headache and could not sleep.  I found myself wide awake at 4:00 a.m. thinking about how I was treated.

UPDATE:  8/17  Blood was drawn during my visit.  I have not heard from Dr. Perlmutter with my results.  I am in the process of looking for a new PCP.  Waiting to hear the results of my complaint.   

Update 8/22 I did receive a call from the doctor he gave me my test results.  He was supposed to refer me to a OB/GYN he did not mention it.  He was little nicer, but straight to the point.  I am still not feeling well.  I need a doctor that will try an figure out what is wrong with me.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Avalon Bay Review -Experience Avalon- Avalon Calabasas

Oxidation on mirror goes further than this across bottom and top.

My community was recently taken over by Avalon Bay Communities and I am unhappy with the way they do business.   The community used be owned by Archstone apartments.  Archstone made me feel like I mattered.  Avalon on the other hand do not care about the residents.  All they want is for you to pay your rent.

My leasing office is so robotic it is rediculous.  They are just glorified paper shufflers that stand in the office, show units and tell you it is out of my hand when something goes wrong.  They are quick to direct you to the Avalon call center to speak to someone that is scripted and does not deal with anything on a case by case basis.  

I recently moved from one unit to another.  I was excited until the day I moved into my new unit.  I had been in my old unit for 5 years and I left in great condition.  I was told I was moving into an upgraded unit.  I was coming from an upgraded unit.  I was given the opportunity to see the new unit one  day prior to my move in date.  I was told that if there was anything I did not like it would be fixed.  The day of the walk through, I was told that there was oxidation on the guest bathroom mirror.  I told them that was not acceptable.  When I did my walk through, I was upset.  Yes, there was oxidation, a lot of it.  I told the maintenance manger, Travis, this was not acceptable and he began to tell me, it would cost Avalon $300 to replace it and it was not in the budget.  I did not need to hear about a budget.  I needed this replaced I do pay to live here!  Let's not leave out his arrogance when telling me.  

Next, I noticed the unit was not fully upgraded.  Mind you, what is considered an upgraded unit, is not an upgrade in today's time. Avalon Calabasas, surprisingly is one of the older style communities. These apartments are old and really need to be upgraded.    The counter tops in the kitchen are slightly newer than the bathroom, the bathroom has the old counter tops.  They glazed the master bathroom tub, but when you are in it, you feel lumps and scratches underneath.  The dishwasher needs to be replaced.  The sink kept dripping.  The overhead part of the stove had to have been as old as this building.  Travis was kind enough to replace that, (he balked about that).   I was moving from an upgraded unit, so I knew what to look for.  The bathrooms usually have extra cabinet space.  These did not.  I asked Travis to place cabinets in both bathrooms.  He then told me he could only replace one, because they cost $30.  Was he kidding me?  I told him to put it in the master bath.  The day I moved in, it was in the guest bathroom.  I tried cramming everything in one space in the master and a couple of days later, there was a link under the sink and my things were ruined.  I had maintenance switch it out.  When I told Travis he made a mistake, he stood in my face and basically told me I was lying,  He said, "I know what we agreed, where you not there?"  Was this kid really talking to me like this.  I must mention, he says this to me in the managers office.  She was not in there when he said it, but I did inform her.  It seems to me he just gets a slap on the wrist and she has to answer to him, because I did not have my mirror replaced with the oxidation.  I have been told other units have it and we just have to deal with it.  This definitely not what Avalon Calabasas displays on their site.  they should post the real photos of their luxury apartments.  Oh, Travis told me to put decals over the oxidation.  As for the partially upgraded unit, he told me, he has a one bedroom apartment, here on the property, with the old wood inside and he pays more than I do.  So, basically I guess I should be happy with what I have.  I do not need to know any of the things he was telling me, he is lacking in professionalism.  Now, my family all uses the master bath, because the guest bathroom grosses them out.  Why am I paying to live somewhere I am not comfortable?

It does not end there.  The day I moved into this unit I was sick, I had just gotten out of the hospital.  A couple of days later I found out I was a victim of fraud.  I had written a check for my deposit.  I panicked and called the office, of course the on site accounting is not useful, I have to call customer service.  I call and explain everything.  I have never bounced a check in all of the years I have lived here.  The representative explains to me that if I do a card payment I would have an additional $38 fee, a bounce check fee and something else.  We then decided I would let the check bounce and then submit another check from another account.  She said she would notate the account and ask that they not penalize me for this.  Last week, I made a mistake on my account.  I was short by $1 on my account and the payment was returned.  I called Avalon the moment I recognized the error.  They had not yet been informed and the representative told me to resubmit on line.  I did and the check was processed a couple of days later.  She did tell me that I may be penalized for 2 returned checks and would not be able to write checks for 6 months.  I explained the circumstances regarding the first check, she said it was in the notes, but Avalon automatically does this even if it was something out of my control.  This could not be so.  A few days later, I received an email from Avalon stating that I could not submit payments in the form of a check.  I have tried calling the corporate and local office and am unable to reach anyone.  I left a message on the corporate line and no one has called me back.  The local office no one answers, even when you hit zero for the receptionist.  My concern is that I am not in a position to pay days before the rent is due with a cashiers check and I am not able to pay the additional $38 for processing my payment on the due date.  I most certainly not go into the leasing office, because they will give the same speech that it is out of there control.  

My account needs to be properly reviewed and I should be allowed to pay just as I always have done so.  My mirror needs to be replaced.  Can you believe they had the nerve to ask me write a positive yelp review.  I did, write the review.  I need to update it with this review.  As a matter of fact I need to place this post on my other blog Free and For Me that has higher ranking.  

The residents do not matter to Avalon Bay.  They advertise this is as a luxury apartment building.  I beg to differ. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Time Warner Cable Review - Cable Review

I have been a Time Warner Cable customer for years and have finally decided to not use them as my service provider.

I became extremely fed up when I moved and wanted to pay out my bill.  The representative told me, to just do the address change, not pay, because there may be credits or a lesser bill.  I did just that and my bill seemed to have doubled.

I called in to make arrangements at this point and try to make sense of what was going on with my account.  I was given a minimum amount and I paid that.  The representative said she was notating it on my account.  A week later my service was disconnected.  How could this be?  I called and the notes did not reflect my notes or the agreed arrangement.  Ironically, I was speaking to the representative that made the arrangements.  This rep was a piece of work, not only did she not take proper notes, she did not have anything we discussed.  It was like she told me one thing the first time we spoke, but typed in something else.  I do not know what she could get out of doing this, but she did it and had a very bad attitude when I questioned her.  I did not expect her to remember me, so I had I hard time disputing this.  She kept saying, " am reading the notes and there is no way I would have made those arrangements."  If I had known this would have happened  I would not have agreed to make the payment arrangements.  I asked to speak to a manager.  The manager was of no help, he was agreeing with the lying representative.  I then asked for them to pull the recorded call.  They basically told me I would have jump through hoops to get that done.  That is if the call was even recorded.  Why say the call is/may be recorded when you know it is not.  This is why these representatives get away with so much.

I was so fed up, I have said goodbye to TWC.  They have the worst customer service.  They do not care about the customers.  The reps are mean spirited, liars and do not want to do their job or make the customers feel like they matter.  Please note there were other issues prior to this, I could not take it anymore.
I have switched to AT&T.  There service is not the best, but they do have better customer service.