Friday, August 23, 2013

#Daphne's California Greek Cafe has the worst customer service

Daphne's California Greek Café, Woodland Hills-  For the past month I have had issues with Daphne's California Greek Café Woodland Hills. 

Last month I was invited to the Burbank Daphne's for a blogger event and received a gift card for attending.  The event was great.  My daughter and I gave the event and the food a great review on our food blog Food Generations. 

Our perception of Daphne's began to slowly change when we finally decided to dine at the Woodland Hills location.  Our first and second dining experience were fine.  During the first visit we were asked to sign up for the pita points program they offer.  We did so, without question and we did not ask what the benefits were.  When we returned for our second visit.  I was told I had a $5 credit or a discount.   I did not think anything of it, because this is what the cashier was telling me.   I paid for everything with my card and off we went.  On the third visit the same thing happened, this time I was getting another $5 discount.  Mind you I am just going along with what they are telling me.  This time the cashier cannot issue the discount she has told me about after calling out the manager.   He immediately starts telling me he cannot issue the discount although she told me I was receiving one, because I have a corporate, black card.  I began to explain to him that this was issued as a gift card and I do not care about the points I just want to pay for my food.  I did tell him that it is poor customer service to tell me one thing and then take it back.   He then decided to issue the discount.  I was so irritated with him.  He then writes down my points card number and tells me he is calling his regional manager.  Really.....On August 20th I returned again and the first cashier I had a few weeks back tells me the manager held a meeting or asked all of the staff who helped me and that I was trying to get over.  Wow.....I am taken by surprise, because I was only dining in like any other customer.  Today, I made the mistake of returning to the same Daphne's.  This time my daughter and I place our order.  The cashier asked for my phone number.  I gave it to her.  Then I gave her my black card again.  She does not know how to complete the transaction.  She asked two other workers they did not know.  One of them goes to the back and they bring out the manager that has made a big deal about my dining in before.  When he sees me he picks up the phone and says he is calling his regional manager.  I asked him why.  I tell him there is no need I just want to pay for my food and go.  He then starts saying something about pita points.  I told him I am not concerned with some points I just want to purchase my food.  I got so frustrated and slammed my cup down, looked across the crowded room and call my daughters name to leave. 

Within 10 minutes of leaving.  I receive a call from an unrecognizable number.  I did not answer, but a voicemail was left.  I listened to it to find the regional manager leaving a message.  This is unreal.  Does the regional manager call all customers?  What they need to recognize is I am a customer and they have no right to call me without me giving them my number.  Have some tact.  I returned the call and immediately he starts talking about pita points.  I tell him the same thing I tell the manager.  He  began telling me at first he was on my side, but he has known this manager for 11 years and he agrees that I am combative, because of my tone with him.  My tone was one of irritation, because I could not believe this man was calling me.  What type of training did he receive.  He even told a tall tale, stating that a customer called him and complained saying I was disruptive in the store.  How is that possible when he was calling me in a matter of minutes and it would have taken time for a customer to obtain the phone number.  If he did speak to someone, the manager handed them the phone and told them to speak with him, because he was calling him when I was in the store.  Regardless, he should not have told me that.  Does he call every customer that they have an issue with.  He kept saying, you are one of us.  He says he remembers me from the event.  I vaguely remember meeting him.  I was told he arrived towards the end.   No, I was a guest at an event that blogged and shared how wonderful you were through social media.  It was fine to treat me as a customer that could drive business to the franchise you work for, but now you want to treat me poorly.  You have no right to call me or do anything else.  Oh yes, let me not forget to mention while I talking to him, he would ask a question and if I did not answer yes or now, he would say, I do need to hear a story all I need is a yes or nor answer.  Has this man lost his mind.  I am not his child and he has no right to speak to me in that manner.  I told him my feelings were hurt.  He then tells me, your feeling can get you in trouble.  We ended the conversation by me telling him I will not be supportive of Daphne's and will not be a customer. 

I did not post this review on my other blog, because the feelings at the time are true.  But today, I have different feelings.  I know I should not allow matters like this affect my day, but I was truly affected by this. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whale Watching Cruise Discount-Special

My seven year old has been asking to go whale watching.  He is really into whales, so this will be the perfect outting for our family.It has been a while since we have gone whale watching, so I cannot wait to surprise him.

Newport Landing Whale Watching has served southern California for 30 years providing whale watching and dolphin cruises. Year around cruises view many varieties of whales including the giant blue whale which is over 80 feet in length (during the summer and fall months), finback whales, grey whales (winter and spring months), minke whales, humpback whales, several types of dolphin (including giant Rizzo dolphin over 14 feet in length), seals, and all sorts of other marine life. Each cruise is a unique experience; you may never know what you might encounter. Newport Landing is located in Newport Bay, Newport Beach and only minutes from most of Southern California. Whale watching in Dana Point and Long Beach.  With a 96% success rate viewing whales and/or dolphin almost every trip has viewing opportunities for these mammals. Whether for an individual or for a larger group looking to join one of the general admission whale watching cruises, Newport Landing Whale Watching takes great pride in sharing the magical experience of our whale and dolphin cruises.  Newport Landing Whale Watching - $15 Whale Watching cruise special

This is a great deal for a great time.  I would love to hear about all of the fun you and your family have at Newport Landing Whale Watching.

Monday, January 28, 2013

#Monster Jam Review

Monster Jam was a great experience!  My son was excited to attend this event, but I and my daughter were not too thrilled, but as we walked through the stadium parking lot the sound of the monster trucks was exciting.  Once inside, seated and watching the show we were energized.  This was really a thrill. 

The crowd was on fire.  Many cheers echoed through Angel Stadium for all of the drivers.  Everyone seemed to have had their favorite.  It was interesting to see trucks like Play'n for Keeps come out all geared up and then something happens, like the tire falling off.  Play'n for Keeps was then towed away and then we heard the engine roar of Monster Mutt Dalmatian, what a cutie.  She came out fierce and after ending her performance she went into the stands to great a fan, a little girl dressed like a Dalmatian. 


Monster Mutt Dalmatian left the crowd ready for more, then trucks like Iron Outlaw came out fired up and immediately stalled, but tied with Monster Mutt Dalmatian.  There was a hype for El Toro Loco, who came out starting strong, but then tipped over. 
One of the memorable trucks for me was Titan, he came out by greeting the audience with a hand wave and then with 45 seconds on the clock, the truck turned over and then was fueled with fire.  The crowd was cheering and I was frightened for the driver.  As it turns out everything was fine.  My two favorites were Grave Digger The Legend and Grave Digger. As the saying goes, save the best for last.   These two were the last of the trucks to come out and the crowd was going crazy.  When Grave Digger ended I found myself wanting more.

Who knew Monster Jam could be so fun and exhilarating!

Friday, January 25, 2013

MorningStar Farms Review

About a year ago I started purchasing MorningStar Farms.  I was only buying it at health food/specialty stores and they do not allow you to redeem coupons.  As a BzzAgent I received a free coupon and went to a major grocery store.  I was happy to see the variety of burgers/patties MorningStar had to offer.  I was surely missing out, there is wider selection in the larger super markets.

My daughter became a vegetarian over a year ago and she has been looking for a variety of things to eat, she has been purchasing MorningStar.  Just like me she did not know there were other options, so you could imagine here reaction when she heard there were so many more options than we were aware of. 

We had never tried the Chik'n patties, so I purchased them with my free coupon.  When we sat down to eat, we were pleasantly surprised.  My seven year old son, was asking could he take a sandwich to school for lunch the next day.  This was a hit in my home.  The patties had a nice flavor and were very light, they have 64% less fat.  I did add some light condiments and these veggie patties were so good!

With trying to increase our vegetable intake MorningStar is a good choice to add to our diets. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emmy Rossum- #Sentimental Journey

Emmy Rossum's newest 'passion project', album Sentimental Journey has taken me on a Sentimental Journey.  Often times, I have asked myself, "What happened to good, clean music?"

Like Rossum, I was not born during the era these classics were first created, but grew up in home that listened to this genre of music and I am now passing along to my children. 

I was taken aback by the title track Sentimental Journey.  I have associated Rossem with her character Fiona from the hit show Shameless, so upon listening to the first song I began to see she was really a multi-talented actress and singer.  Then when I heard track six, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, I was sold.  She could not have chosen a better song to put on her album, especially in todays time.  The song choices for this CD were well selected, there is a song for everyone, young or old. 

It refreshing to see such a young person singing classic pieces.  She has an amazing voice and hope to hear more from her soon.  She is definitely showing off her many talents.

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection Candle Garden Sunshine Review

As a member of Expotv and Tryology I was given the opportunity to review a Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection Candle Garden Sunshine. 

I and other members of Tryology uploaded video reviews of the Glade Limited Edition Spring Collection Candle Sunshine.  You can view our videos here. 

Also, if you would like to join Expo and get rewarded for reviewing products, here is my referral to join expotv.

Enjoy all of the videos.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Parnevu Review

Having healthy hair is important to me.  With so many hair care products on the market it can sometimes be hard to find hair care products that work well for my hair.  For years I had been using another brand that I had been pleased with.  Recently I received Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo, Conditioner and T-Tree Growth Creme and was pleasantly surprised and am now using Parnevu instead of the other hair care line I was using before.

Finding a product that locks in moisture is essential for me for I have sandy brown hair that can look pretty dry when it is straightened (pressed/flat ironed) or when wet and worn naturally.  Prior to trying Parnevu I have used T-Tree Oil for an itchy or dry scalp as a way to moisturize my hair.   T-Tree oil offers many advantages for the hair like:
  • T-Tree oil naturally nourishes the hair and scalp
  • Locks in moisture
  • Stops itching
  • Prevents flaking
  • Removes unwanted build-up from hair left by other shampoos
  • Natural conditioning agents in the conditioner repair and protect, leaving the hair softer, shinier, and manageable and tangle free
  • Strengthens hair
  • Stimulates growth
  • Prevents split ends
  • Stops breakage
Keeping this in mind I was eager to use Parnevu.  The Parnevu line is not only appealing because it has T-Tree oil, but it smells good.  Upon wetting  my hair I applied  a nickle size drop of shampoo on my hair and was surprised by how the shampoo lathered so quickly and with a small amount.  After washing my hair a couple of times it was squicky clean.  I then conditioned my hair and again the conditioner smelled just as good as the shampoo.  The conditioner is not too thick although it is very creamy.  Both of these products would be considered high quality hair care products.    Knowing the benefits of T-Tree Oil I have been pleased with using Parnevu. 

A few months ago I cut my hair and do not plan on growing it back for a while.  But, my daughter is a nice length of hair and believes it is important to use products like T-Tree Herbal Growth Creme.  After applying it to her hair she said, "We are swictching to this!"    She applies it to her entire head when she wears it wet, when it is dry she uses it for her edges to lie them down or when she is wear her hair in a pony tail or just with a head band she then applies it through it.  So far she is pleased with it.

Moisture and shine have meet in my hair.  I am pleased with Parnevu T-Tree Oil and will continue to use the product.