Sunday, March 25, 2012

My review of Sleep Number

As a smiley360 member I was given the mission to go into my local Sleep Number store and try the NEW SLEEP NUMBER® m7 memory foam bed. I went there to see if these beds could possibly be as good as I have heard they were. Upon visiting the Topanga Canyon store in Woodland Hills California, I arrived at the store and there was only one couple ahead of me. I was told to come back in 15 minutes, because they did not want me to have to wait for the couple that was testing the bed. I left and returned only to find that there were two more families there. I was then told I had to try a different bed, in which this is what they could have told me the first time. The sales person tested me for my sleep number and then upon completion, she says, "The number may not be accurate, because you have on your jacket." She then took me over to the bed that has the computer. Never once did she tell me the names of any of the beds. She knew I was with smiley360, and it seemed as though, she was not speaking to me as if I was someone in the markert trying to purchase a new bed. Little did she know I am and was excited about this mission, because a memory foam bed is my next choice, although my bed is only two years old. When I went to the second bed we came to the conclusion my number was 25. I was asked to put my name and email address into the computer. After going to the bed I had been waiting for, she then tells me to go back to the first bed, so she can get an accurat number. I could not believe this, after I had been on this same bed for atleast 10 minutes the first time, with my jacket on. When I finally made it to the last bed, I had to ask her questions about the bed. She seemed fairly nice, but all I simply got out of this experience was a sleep number and was asked to fill out a card with my information in order for her to follow up with me. I kept thinking how can she follow up with me, when I know so very little. If I wanted to make a purchase at some point I would need a lot more information. Towards the end she did begin to tell me about her own back issues. Nestle into your coziest sleep ever with the memory foam bed that’s been redefined by SLEEP NUMBER. Naturally contouring CoolFit™ foam offers cool, soothing comfort. Your SLEEP NUMBER® setting lets you personalize each side of the bed to your ideal level of firmness. It’s everything you’ve wanted memory foam to feel like. I can say thsese beds do feel good and will definitely be the type of bed that will make me excited to go to bed in. I do plan on purchasing a mattress within the next year and I do plan on getting a memory foam bed. As for a sleep number, I would need more information; although, I do know these bed are comfortable. These beds offer the following:

  • Exclusive SLEEP NUMBER® DualAir™ technology lets you adjust firmness on each side of the mattress for your ideal level of comfort

  • 3-inches of CoolFit™ foam with gel technology for a cool, soothing sleeping surface

  • Naturally contouring and more breathable compared to the leading memory foam brand

  • 12-inch bed with modern styling and soft knit fabric

  • Although; my experience was the best, I can say these beds are comfortable.

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