Thursday, June 21, 2012

Try new Arm & Hammer Sensitive toothpaste-sensitive toothpaste reviews

Thanks smiley360.  I am really smiling, after using new Arm & hammer Sensitive tooth paste.  When the smiley360 box arrived I opened it and it had one full size box and four samples to give out.  I told my daughter about the tooth paste and not to touch them.  When I was in the process of creating a youtube video showing the toothpaste, I noticed one of the samples was missing.  Later, my daughter  come in my room, just smiling and she says, "Mom you are going to love this tooth paste, I know how much you like baking soda, so you are going to like the taste"  All I could do was look at her. 

My daughter was right, I do like this new Arm & Hammer toothpaste.  I absolutley love the taste. My breath does feel fresh of course, but I just really like the taste.  I did notice that the box says it is from the makers of Orajel and says that if offers maximum relief without a prescription.  Orajel has been a life saver for me and my family over the years, when we have issues with our teeth. I am experiencing slight issues and know I have to go to the dentist.  I do believe that using the new Arm & Hammer will help but, not solve all issues, so do not think if you use this you do not have to go the dentist.

In this product you will find that it offers deep cleaning, effective stain removal, low abrasion formula, flouride cavity protection and relief from painful tooth and nerve sensitivity. 

I have always liked brushing my teeth, but with the new Arm & Hammer, I really like brushing.  If you would like more information here is a link

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