Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Day in the Park with Jennifer Garner.

My family and I were able to attend the THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN, Frigidaire and Disney’s Adventures In Clean event, along with Jennifer Garner.  This was a day of fun filled activities from beginning to end.  My son keeps asking me when are we going back.

This day seemed to be the hottest day this summer, but with all of the activities I did not to worry about the heat.  There was definitely plenty of food and drinks.  When we arrived the kids were given a swag bag that had a water bottle and a Frigidaire tee shirt.  That water bottle has come in very handy for my seven year old that attends summer camp in these high temperatures.  All of the children put their tee shirts on, in preparation for the days activities.  They looked so adorable. 

While we waited to start the day, we ate a plethora of food.  There were veggie and chicken sliders, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that had pretzels and bananas in them, veggie salad, macaroni balls, dessert and plenty of ice cold beverages.

We were split up into groups, our group was the green team.  We had a towel folding race for the mothers and the children, then there was an obstacle race for the kids and tug of war.  After the games were complete, we took group pictures.  You cannot have a fun party without a group picture. 

The day at the park was so much fun. This was one of those times, I was okay with my son getting dirty.  Thank you Frigidaire for the tee shirt, I just wish you could have given me the washer and dryer to wash it out in.  Seriously, we had a wonderful time.

After the day in the park we were shuttled over to see the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green, in which Jennifer Garner is starring in.  It was so funny, because when we reached the theather, there were so many cameras and people watching us walk in on the green carpet.  My daughter, is now upset, because she did not do her over the shoulder pose and my son keeps asking me, "Are we famous."

We enjoyed the entire day and are glad an invitation was extended to us.

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