Monday, August 20, 2012

My Boys Hulk Avengers Classic Muscle Costume Review

My son is so excited! He has his Halloween costume, thanks to Custume Supercenter  Avengers Costume .  We were given the opportunity to select a costume and review it .  Since the Avengers is one of the hottest movies children are talking about, my son selected the, Boys Hulk Avengers Classic Muscle Costume. The Avengers was one of the highest grossing movies, which brought in $200 million in the United States, I was able to find more information about the Avengers .  I have was not aware of the impact this movie has had until it was time to select a Halloween costume.  After reading the all of the facts I was rather impressed.

Costume Super Center has a wide variety of costumes. We  looked at funny costumes, starwars, scarey(He knows he is not allowed to get a scarey costume.) and Marvel Comics.  It was a fun experience, because we usually go into the store and purchase his costume.  After the order was placed, he did a count down of when he would receive it.  He knew the estimated date the costume would arrive and asked everyday if there was a package for him.  The package actually arrived two days before the anticipated date.  When he saw the box, he could not open it fast enough.  The Hulk costume had finally made it into his little hands.  He immediately asked, could he try it on and review it.  He tried it on, and his review was, "Mom this is the costume I wanted, so bad."  Yes, he wanted it badly and it looked exactly like the online picture. 

It fit perfectly, I am just hoping he does not grow too much within the next two months. Although, it fits perfectly, I am glad I chose the size I did, because I am not sure if a larger size would fit as nicely.  If he does grow it is fine, because from what I remember the hulks pants were not exactly a perfect fit anyway. The padding for the muscles are very soft.  The costume seems to be durable.  I will not be worried about it ripping if he is running around on Halloween.  I am very pleased with our selection.  Now, I need to buy green paint for his hands and neck and possibly his ankles if he suddenly has a growth spurt.

 The costumes seem to be reasonably priced and just from my experience the costumes are of good quality.  Purchase your Avengers Costume  today.

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