Friday, August 10, 2012

My family has Twinkle Toes:The Movie

Last week I was asking myself who is Twinkle Toes? Well this weekend now I know. Last weekend my son and I attended the Twinkle Toes: The Movie Launch Party. Prior to attending the event my family and I received a copy of the Twinkle Toes DVD.  I am sure you are probably thinking there is no such thing, there is only a shoeline. there is a Twinkle Toes: The Movie that was released on July 31st, inspired by the best-selling, Skechers Kidsline footwear, Grace (Twinkle Toes) Hastings, headlined her first full lengthed feature film.

I have a seven year old son, that I always is, ALL BOY! I did not think he would want to sit and watch this movie with me nor would he want to attend the event. Suprisingly he watched the movie and attended the event. He says he enjoyed the adventure in the movie and there was "awesome" dancing at the launch party.   

I have to agree with my son, the young dancers were awesome! They were from local dance studios in the area. They were very talented and represented  SKECHERS and the Twinkle Toes brand in the most positive manner.  They wore the Twinkle Toes Footwear and looked so adorable and hip.

I went to the event with songs from the dvd playing in my head.  During the event there was a routine that included audience participation,  boys, girls, parents, it did not matter. My son refused to participate, but there were some willing participants, that got up  and had a wonderful time. I know Twinkle Toes seems to be geared towards girls, but I watched little boys and babies enjoy themselves as well. Who doesn't like to dance? 

We had a wonderful time at this event. Twinkle Toes: The Movie is a fun film and the shoes are so cute.    If you would like more information on Twinkle Toes: The Movie please visit

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