Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nuvia Cafe and Ganoderma Coffee is the real deal

A friend of mine had given me a sample pack of Ganoderma Coffee made by another retailer.  It had creamer and sugar in it.  I kept thinking, "This cannot be as natural as they want me to think. I want to be able to decide if I want to add these condiments to my coffee."  When I heard about Nuvia Cafe and their form of Ganoderma coffee, I was willing to try it and wanted to show my friend a real natural coffee. Nuvia Cafe contains healing properties and  offers energy and rest and it does not have sugar and cream in it.

I am a woman that is very sensitive to caffeine, fried foods and sweets.  Suffering from PMS causes these things to affect my moods.  When I decided to sample and review Ganoderma Coffee, I questioned if I had made a wise decision.  When I received my box of coffee, I received a newsletter with lots of testimonies. After reading the testimonies I learned that Ganoderma acted as an appetite suppressant and a super antioxidant. This is what I need!  I am trying to take off 10 unwanted pounds.

When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised, because you just grab a packet and add it to hot water.  This is perfect for someone with a busy schedule.  I have to admit, I did add some sugar and cream, because it is a bit strong.  Although, there is a strong coffee flavor I was able to taste a hint of pomegranate and african mango, which is what makes this coffee taste so good. 

The first time I tried Nuvia Cafe I had so much energy.  I was talking and moving fast.  I think it is because I do not drink coffee at all, even if it is natural.  I felt so good.  I was in the best mood all day .  When it was time for bed I was so rested.  I realized then, I needed to drink it more often.  The next time I drank it, I was energized, but I was more level.  I felt very calm, but I still had energy. 

As for my friend, he is asking for packets of my Nuvia Cafe.  I will be sending him this review and link to Nuvia Cafe.  I have shared my sample pack with my mom(who is diabetic), my sons camp counselor(who is trying to loose weight) and my eighteen year old daughter(who suffers from asthma).  So far they all like the product and are planning on purchasing some for themselves and I am hoping they will share their reviews as well. 

I am glad I have tried Nuvia Cafe and am hoping others will benefit from it as well.


  1. Thank you for the great review! Do you still drink it? Would you buy more?

  2. You are welcome. I do still drink it. I do not drink it everyday, but when I know that want a little more energy and I will not feel so sensitive to the herbs, I do drink it. I really like it. Yes, I plan on buying more.