Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oprah and O You 2012 was amazing!

Live your best life!  Was the theme of O You 2012! Many women from all walks of life came together on this day to be inspired.  When the day ended, Oprah approached the stage and asked the question.  What did you learn today?  Yes, I am starting with the end of the day, to reflect on the entire day.  With that question asked, I could feel the minds of many woman thinking and then watched as hands were being raised.   I did not raise my hand, but if I had these are the things I was able to take away from such a motivational, inspirational and empowering event.
As Dr. Phil spoke on interconnectedness in today's world,  his words ignited a flame in me.  He offered me confirmation of what I already knew and offered advise in areas that I never knew.  I was moved by these things that he said:
  • Learn to say no.
  • Make a Statement and own it.
  • Success leaves clues, it does not happen by accident.
  • People that are successful are able to define it in their minds eye. 
  • Someday is not on the list, work for what you want.
  • The Universe Rewards action.  Successful people take action to a known outcome. 
As a self employed mother of two, these are the words I needed to hear. 

Iyanla Vanzant explored "Who You Are"  As she approached the stage with her authoritative presence, she told us, "Everyday is your day!"  The power in those few words, sent the audience in a cheer and and applause.  And let me not forget, "Stop carrying trash with you!"  Iyanla has away of saying something and it makes you feel like yes, I should not do that or I should do that.  She is a power house a beast of a woman, that commands attention. I would say, her words can, "Get your behind in gear."  I am a woman that is not going to carry trash with me and everyday is my day. 

These are just some of things I took from O You 2012 from some of the guest speakers.  But nothing is better than hearing Oprah speak.  I have watched Oprah on television over the years, but there was something different about her on this day.   As she danced across the stage to Stevie Wonder, the Convention Center was rocking.  I sat in my seat thinking; seeing Oprah in person is wonderful, but never once on television had I seen or felt what I was feeling at that moment.  As she told the crowd about how someone tweeted her, saying her network was struggling because she spoke of God too much and her response was, 'Say that to my face!"  She began to tell us the network was not struggling anymore.  I then tweeted, "Oprah preach!"  Just I tweeted that she said, "I am no preacher but...."  Mind you she did not know I was tweeting this and I did not know I she was going to say that.  What I felt through her testimony and her spirit was the anointing of God.  She told the crowd:
  • She believes there is a calling for every life.   
  • Focus on what God has for your life
  • You are already highly favored.
Ending the evening with the most profound statement, "Be in tune to the whispers in your life."  She walked off stage to a mountain an uproar of cheers.  O You 2012, was a day of  sisterhood, happiness, empowerment and fulfilment.  I am happy to have taken part in this day.  I thank my friend and fellow blogger Tisha Berg of Biz Mommy for sharing this opportunity to cover this event.

Peter Walsh  

Martha Beck and Gayle King

Peter Walsh and Dr. Laura Berman

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