Monday, January 28, 2013

#Monster Jam Review

Monster Jam was a great experience!  My son was excited to attend this event, but I and my daughter were not too thrilled, but as we walked through the stadium parking lot the sound of the monster trucks was exciting.  Once inside, seated and watching the show we were energized.  This was really a thrill. 

The crowd was on fire.  Many cheers echoed through Angel Stadium for all of the drivers.  Everyone seemed to have had their favorite.  It was interesting to see trucks like Play'n for Keeps come out all geared up and then something happens, like the tire falling off.  Play'n for Keeps was then towed away and then we heard the engine roar of Monster Mutt Dalmatian, what a cutie.  She came out fierce and after ending her performance she went into the stands to great a fan, a little girl dressed like a Dalmatian. 


Monster Mutt Dalmatian left the crowd ready for more, then trucks like Iron Outlaw came out fired up and immediately stalled, but tied with Monster Mutt Dalmatian.  There was a hype for El Toro Loco, who came out starting strong, but then tipped over. 
One of the memorable trucks for me was Titan, he came out by greeting the audience with a hand wave and then with 45 seconds on the clock, the truck turned over and then was fueled with fire.  The crowd was cheering and I was frightened for the driver.  As it turns out everything was fine.  My two favorites were Grave Digger The Legend and Grave Digger. As the saying goes, save the best for last.   These two were the last of the trucks to come out and the crowd was going crazy.  When Grave Digger ended I found myself wanting more.

Who knew Monster Jam could be so fun and exhilarating!

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