Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Review of Numero Uno Agoura Hills, CA

On August 6, 2011, my kids and I went to the Numero Uno in Agoura Hills to redeem our coupons for a personal sized cheese pizza or a salad. We all ordered the pizza. We then decided to order the spicy buffalo wings. Well my 16 year old insisted that we order them. Please note the service is good at the location. The young cashier that was in there this evening was very nice. He warned us that the wings my be a little spicy and may make our noses run. When he brought the wings out. It looked like there were only a couple on the plate. But when he placed it down on the table, there were at lease 12, but they were mostly bone. I thought to myself, "Numero Uno should be ashamed, there's very little meat on these tiny bones!" I did not want to complain to the young man. There was not anyone working there that looked a full fledged adult, and he was so nice. When he brought the pizza's out, they were what I expected. They looked good and tasted good as I knew they would. However; I felt short changed with my wings. I know I got the pizza for free, but I did purchase the wings hoping to have more than bones. Numero Uno Agoura Hills, you need to find a new vendor for your wings. 

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