Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Review of Tom's Maine Wicked Fresh

I am a BzzAgent and was very happy to receive an early invitation to participate in the Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Campaign. I had started using the toothpaste this past spring so that is why I was happy to bzz about this particular toothpaste. I had seen it on the shelf at Trader Joe's and I never bought it. Then finally I went to a green, spa event and in our goody bag was a full sized box of Tom's Maine. Their slogan is that it provides long-lasting fresh breath naturally. I have heard several natural items say they do things naturally and they not work. Hey, I want to feel some of the freshness I felt with some of the products that I have used with all of the bad stuff in it. Well, needless to say I tried the toothpaste and I loved it. I have been using it ever since. I guess I have been kind of bzzing about it, prior to receiving this campaign. For example, I know my father is really into his teeth, it seems like he is always at the dentist. I filled a gift bag of Tom's Main for him. He loved it. He said his breath seemed so fresh. Who would have thoughts months later I would be telling so many people about it. I have given out a couple of samples. I think this product is really good and it is making my transition to using natural products an easy one.

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