Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Review of Suave Professionals Shampoo (Humectant Moisture)

Today I decided to use my free bottle of Suave Professionals Shampoo with Humectant Moisture.   I received a coupon from Suave for a free bottle of shampoo about a month ago.  When I went to purchase it, I was surprised to see this 32 ounce bottle of shampoo.  When I brought it home my 16 year old daughter wanted to use it.  Initially my six year old son was begging me to let him try it.  He doesn't want to use baby shampoo any more, he says. 

Needless to say, I tried it today and was so pleased.  I could not believe how much the shampoo lathered up so nicely.  My hair was squeaky clean after one wash.  Of course I washed it more than once, but it was squeaking after the first time.  Let's not forget how good the soap smells.  It has a long lasting feminine sent.  I keep smelling my hair.  The bottle says it is salon quality, I must say I agree.  I really like the way my hair looks and feels.  It is supposed to have up to 2 times more moisturizing, and I actually believe it does.  My hair is a dirty brown that seems to not hold very much moisture, but after using this humectant moisture shampoo, I must say it looks a little moist.  I am pleased, considering with the sweltering heat we are feeling during these August months.  This shampoo is much needed.  This is something I suggest you should go out and purchase.  Go out and get the New Suave Professions Shampoo with Humectant Moisture.

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