Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Review of Sprint PCS

I have been a long standing customer of Sprint PCS since 1998.  I have dealt with them through many issues over the years.  Well I just found out today that no matter how long you have been a customer you are not valued.  I have not service for two of my cell phones for 10 days.  I have been told that the towers in my area are down.  In the beginning I was trying to be patient until last Thursday.  I own a mobile notary service, which requires me to answer the phone at all times or my clients will call the next notary.  I also have a teenage daughter that I need to get in contact with throughout the day.  Well, needless to say from September 10th until today and possibly a few more days I have had very little signal. They are still working on the tower issue.  They have given me a $37 credit for last week, a $50 credit for next month and an airrave that will work 5,000 feet in my house.  I appreciate the credits and the airrave, but this does not fix the problem with my loosing business and clients based on their faulty towers.  I have been told to drive away from my home area, get a new phone(in which there's nothing wrong with my phone, go to the sprint store to have the phone tested ( I did and nothing is wrong)  and wait for them to fix the problem.  I keep receiving meaningless apologies or should I scripted apologies.  Today the thought of not making any money, because my phone does not work alarmed me, this is my livelihood and these incompitent people are now interferring with my well being.  I called in to explain for the the 100th time the sense of urgency I am feeling, only to hear a supervisor in their escalations department tell me, there is nothing they can do, they have done all they can and I should just wait until the towers are up.  Are you kidding me?  What happened to trying to keep your customers or for that matter good customer service.  I am loosing clients daily and not making any money.  I know they can be more creative for their customers depending on the circumstances.  Sprint PCS is a heartless company that does not value their customers.

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