Friday, September 9, 2011

Burberry Body Perfume Review

I received a sample of Burberry Body perfume in the mail.  I was wondering what it could be, not expecting it to be a sample of perfume.  After opening the package I was pleasantly surprised, by the size and the appearance of the sample.  I am not sure of how many ounces, I would say about 2 ounces, but it is a nice amount.  

When I opened the bottle the soft scent smelled so good and powdery.  I know some perfumes do not always smell the same when you put them on as they do when they are in the bottle, but this smelled the same, light, soft and powder fresh.  I do not have to apply a lot, although it is so light.  It is unbelievably long lasting.

I have gotten compliments on the smell.  This is a perfume I plan on purchasing. 

Thanks Burberry for the sample. 

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