Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Review of Glade Decor Scents Electric Warmer + Refill

Today I recieved a Glade Decor Scents Electric Warmer + Refill from the Right@Home Giveaway. When I received it, I gave it to my daughter to put in her room. When we opened it, it smelled so good. We are a family that loves for our home to smell good. I believe a good smelling room affects your mood.

When she plugged it in, within minutes the room began to smell good. Not only did her room smell good, but the scent began to spread into other areas of the house. Her room is closest to the front of the house, so this was the perfect place to put it.

Normally, I burn candles, but since this electric warmer is supposed to last 30 days, I do not think I will be burning candles in the front part of the house for a while.

So far my family and I love Glade Decor Scents Electric Warmer, this is something I plan on purchasing in the future.

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