Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Review of Redbox Movie Rental

Recently I received a mission from smiley360 and received a free Redbox movie rental.  I was so excited, because there is a Redbox by my house and of course who wouldn't like to get a free rental especially if it is something you already use.  This was perfect! 

Before I received the code the rental Kiosk were outside the store, now they are inside.  It is not a an inconvience, but I liked it when the Kiosk was outside.  Also, I do not recall being able to to reserve movies online, but that is a feature that is now offered.  I started to rent my movie online and just pick it up, but I forgot, so when I went into the local super market and saw the Kiosk I was reminded to rent my movie. 

As always my transaction went smoothly.  There was a wide range of movies to choose from.  However; I do recommend renting them online for pickup, because you run the risk of your movie not being available.  It is also saves time.  If I don't know what to rent I feel like I am holding up the line, if people are waiting to rent or return a movie. 

Red Box is perfect for renting movies at the last minute.  There are no monthly charges. 

One new thing I like about Redbox is, now you can purchase Redbox gifts anytime of the year as a thank you, get well or just no reason, feel good fun! Visit to buy bundles of DVD and game rentals for your friends and family via email, text message or Facebook.

I hope you enjoy renting movies with Redbox like my family and I do.                                                                             

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