Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crazy Tokyo Sushi in Woodland Hills, CA has terrible service!!!!

Recently my children and I went into Crazy Tokyo for Sushi.  I heard the sushi was pretty good.  When we arrived the place was not busy.  We sat at the sushi bar.  We sat there for a while before we were asked what we would like to order.  Mind you the sushi was being prepared in front of us for the one other patron that was sitting at the bar.  We finally placed our order.  The waitress was nice that went to get our drinks, but the guy at that prepares the sushi was so rude.  It was as if he did not want to take our order.  He spoke so agressively.  It was not a cultural differencel, because when a group of three came and sat down.  He was so nice to them.  I could not believe it.  He even made some of their sushi before ours.  This was unbelieveable.  I did not mention to my children that I felt we were mistreated. 

The following week, my 17 year old daughter went in with her two friends.  She told me they were treated so poorly.  She felt what I was feeling when I took her and my son the week before. 

I decided to call to the restuarant and complain.  When I called I was told the manager was not available.  I then called everyday and I was unable to reach him.  Finally I was told to leave my name and number and he would call me back.  He never called me back and it has been a little over a week. 

This place is not all that good, but decent.  I will never eat at Crazy Tokyo again.

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