Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enterprise Car Sales Has Poor Customer Service-improving customer services

I purchased a car from Enterprise Car Sales in Reseda, California on January 31, 2012.  My mother suggested I go there, because she purchased a car from them and they kept their cars serviced and certified.   

I agreed to go to Enterprise.  When I sat down with the sales person.  I told him, my budget and to not try and upsale me on anything.  I did not feel like dealing with the used car saleman rhetoric.  He agreed.  He found me a car that was in my budget and I was ready to sign.  Mind you this sales person was very nice during this entire process even the finance person was nice.  The car I was purchasing was at another lot so they had to go get it and bring it back, but when it arrived I agreed to purchase it.  I was told I had a seven day grace period to return the car if I decided to.  Well, within that seven days, I began to notice a loud squeeking in the breaks, I called and was told not to worry that it was just metallic breaks.   Then after the seven days, I noticed a rattle on the drivers side when I would drive especially if i went over the smallest bump.  The car is a 6 cylinder sedan, so the drive deep not seem smooth, especially with all of these sounds.  I started calling, only to hear it's the metallic breaks.  I started asking for them to look into it.  It took two months for the sales person to agree.  He then took my car over to one of their service centers and when he spoke with the people he did not want me present.  I had me to stand off to the side.  This seemed so shady.  His posture changed when they started saying how much it would cost to shave the breaks or rotors.  I did not care, I wanted the noise to go away.  He then had an attitude with me.  He then called his boss and he agreed to pay.  The job was done and then after a couple of days I was experiencing the same problem.  The next week after that, I was at a gas station pump and when I tried to drive off the car would not start.  I had to call roadside assistance and the guy told me, my battery was not tightened.  I could not believe this, especially when they told me this car had been fully inspected.  It was raining and my wiper blades were all ripped up.  This was rediculous.  I called the salesperson on Monday, and told him what was going on.  He was so rude, he told me the car was under warranty and to take care of it myself.  I was so angry, I told him that I would be speaking with my lawyer.  He said you do that.  WHAT????  He had turned into the shady used car sales man.  I called back and reached the guy in finance to tell him what was going on.  He said he had no idea this was happening.  He spoke with there boss that claimed he did not know anything, but he had approved the first job.  They told me to bring the car in and they would take it to the dealership for inspection. He was hesitant about giving me a rental, he had to ask again, then he wanted me to pay for it.  I refused.  I brought it in and when they told me it was ready they handed me some paper saying everything was fine.  The car was running the same, I called the dealership, the guy did not return my calls for a month.  I did not do anything right away, but almost two weeks ago, when I was in a parking lot, my car was making so much noise I knew I would have to call someone, on this particular day, my gas door would not open.  I was so angry I called the finance guy again.  He said I should have gone back to the dealership and speak to the service guy face to face.  Was he kidding me.  I then called the service guy again, when I reached him he told me Enterprise did not agree to a deep inspection, but he would do it at a cost.  I then called Enterprise back and the finance guy, began to act slightly rude as well.  I did not care how made he got, they needed to fix this broken down car and stand by their product.  He said he would speak to his boss and have something done.  He never called me back, so I called in and spoke with his boss, he said, I was waiting for your call.  What?  This people are crazy.  How is it that they are in business they are incompitent.   Who would hire them.  He should have called me.  He told me to bring the car in and they were going to send it out for a complete certification.  He would be out for a week, but the finance guy would handle everything.  I dropped the car off with the car rental side, because sales was closed.  After two days I did not hear anything finally I called, the finance guy could not understand why I was calling.  he did not know I had not spoken to someone about the details.  Again, poor communication.  They had my car for a week and three days.  When I picked it up.  My floor mats were missing and a small febreeze clip I had purchsed.  The boss said he would deliver the replacements to me.  Oh yeah, when I had the rental I had a flat and they tried to charge me for that.  When I returned the car they asked me for extra money, because the gas was not exactly where it was when I picked up.  Are you serious.  They should pay for the gas I used to drive back and forth over there and replace the gas they used to drive my car out for inspection. 

I picked my car up yesterday and the squeeking is gone for now.  The rattle is there a little, but the way it drives feels better.  Let's see how this turns out.  It should not have taken almost 7 months to resolve this issues.  Enterprise Car Sales has poor customer service.  I would not recommened purchasing a car from them.


  1. Hi K.D.,

    My name is Keri and I work for Enterprise. We're sorry to hear about your experience, and would like to get some more information from you. Could you email me at with the best way to contact you?

    1. Hi Keri, I have sent my information to the email address you have posted. It seems as though this is just a front for Enterprise Public Relations to pretend they are doing damage control. I have googled you and it seems that you send out the same email to anyone that is complaining about Enterprise Poor customer service. Your posting this message on my blog and not contacting me only validates point about the poor customer service Enterprise offers.

  2. K.D., we did not receive an email from you, but I will have the appropriate manager contact you directly if we have your email address. I did not see your email address on your Blog profile to contact you directly.

  3. Hi Keri, I submitted an email to the following email address provided by you, You can email at This is an email from my sweepstakes site. For some reason, my email is not showing.