Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sprint Does Not Take Care of It's Customers-sprint service reviews

This is an email I sent to Sprint regarding their poor customer service and their poor service.  I am hoping to recieve a response from them.

I have been a Sprint customer since the late 1990's and I am so frustrated with the poor service and customer service I have been receiving in recent months. 

I have been having issues with my phone since September 10, 2011 until the present moment. Please note I do use my phone for both personal and business use. During the weekend of September 10th. I was not able to receive picture mail, text, calls, voice mail and internet. My voicemail messages were delayed by a couple of days. I had many missed calls, but was not able to always see missed calls in my log. I called customer service and they told me it was a national issue, then told me to call back the next day. I did and was then told it was a local tower issue, because of the upgrades, then I was told it may be an issue with blackberry. These are explanations I was given that first week and was told to call back each time. This went on for weeks, I then went into the Sprint store and they offered me the Air Rave. Customer service could have made this offer weeks prior, but did not. I was told this would improve my situation. Well, it has not, I have been told that I do not always receive my text, because the Air Rave needs to be tweeked and I need to consider it is a knew product. When I am on a call and I am entering the house, I have to tell the person I will call them back and wait for my phone to connect to the Air Rave. If I am on a call and I am leaving the house when I drive 1/2 a block my call drops, because it is disconnecting from the device. Mind you this thing does not work well either. I am still missing calls and text. Not all people leave messages so I have no way of knowing they called, because I cannot see when people are calling most of the time. My problems have been sent to escalations on numerous occasions and some of my tickets have been closed, because the representative could not reach me when they called, they were not using their common sense. If I am not always able to receive calls they needed to leave a message and keep the ticket open. I have received some credits up unitl January. I have expressed concern now, because Sprint wants me to pay a monthly bill when I am not able to operate my small business as normal and I have a tremendous loss in revenue. I have been told that when the ticket closes that it is when I will receive a credit. This is unfair. I did speak with a man named Carlos over two months ago and he claimed that he would resolve my problem. When he called me he had me on the phone for over an hour going on the and looking at towers. He assured me he would call me in one week. He did not. His boss did call before the week was up and I told him I was waiting for Carlos to troubleshoot and call me back. He had given me a phone number to his desk, which is 254-298-7479. I have called this number and left numerous messages and he has not returned my calls nor has he followed up with me. Prior to Carlos calling, I received a call from Marshall and he was in the same department as Carlos, he was so unprofessional when leaving a message, I hestitated to return his call; however I have tried reaching him as well at phone number 254-295-8739. The manager, Marshall and Carlos have been very unprofessional. Carlos assured me this issue would be resolved and I would receive the credit that is due to me. I have called Sprint and asked different representatives to note this on my account. I think it is redicuoulous that you all do not offer credits to customers when they have as many issues as I am having and expect for me to pay for a phone bill I am not able to totally use. I cannot believe none of the representatives are able to assist. Oh yes I failed to mention the dropped and failed calls.

On another note, I took my daughter to the Sprint store to replace a battery in her phone, it was noted on her account that technical support should assist her. She had an older phone, but she always takes the battery out and switches it with a second battery, well in the process of doing this the batteries have gotten wet, not the phone. We went to Sprint store in Encino, California. When she spoke with Mike Polly, he refused to look at the phone, because he saw the battery was pink. She tried explaining to him what she wanted and suggested he look in the notes. He did not do any of it. He asked her was it a financial issue that she did not upgrade her phone. She came out to the car and told me what he said, I immediately called customer service and reached Teresa in Fort Lauderdale Apo10116, she could not believe what I was telling her. I told her I was on my way into the store. When I entered there was a sales person Ana R. working the desk. I told her what was going on, but before I could finish she agressively started telling me there were not going to look at the phone. Teresa could her this and told me to hand the phone to Ana R. She tried talking to Ana and Ana began talking agreesively to her as well. I was completely mortified by this persons behavior. Teresa, began to look over the notes to see if they noted that we came in and nothing was noted on my account. This happens often. She told them to close out the ticket. Mike Polly did so, but stating that the phone had water damage, which was not true, he never looked at the phone. We left the store and Teresa opened another a ticket. Needless to say, that week we went back to the store and purchased an iphone for my daughter. The sales person that helped us told me that he heard about the incident with Ana R and they spoke poorly of us. They sales person was nice; however, when he upgraded my daughters phone he actually upgraded my line so she was receiving all of my calls and he cancelled my insurance. We had to go back to the store and fix it. Mind you I do not live by this store. During this visit, I was there trying to replace my phone. Customer service told me I could go and replace my phone, when I got there I was told I had to pay a deductable, that was not what I was told. I had to call customer service and they had to mail me a knew phone. Upon receiving the replacement, I went into Sprint for them to activate and make the appropriate changes it took two hours for them to do that and then I had to come back this past Saturday for them to complete it. These people are lazy and lack people skills.

Lastly, I would like to hear from someone regading all of these issues. This is insane. It is even more insane for me to continue with the service.

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