Monday, June 11, 2012

I Love My Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow

As some of you may recall, a few months back, as a member of smiley360 I went into my local Sleep Number store and test some mattress and found my number. Well, after that I received a coolfit foam pillow for participating in this campaign. I was so happy to recieve my new pillow.

This pillow is amazing. It is cooler than traditional memory foam and I can sleep at a more comfortable temperature. It allows air movement and my weight distributes more evenly for surperior support.

When it arrived I thought I would wait to use it, because I wanted to buy a second one to go on my bed. I could not resist. I absolutely love this pillow. My 17 year old daughter now wants one. Since I need to purchase a second pillow I will buy her one also.

I thought I loved going to bed at night, because I love how comfortable my bed is, but this has added some extra time to feel good and relax. Now all I need is the mattress.

This is a must have. I suggesst you go out and purchase along with the mattress as well. We should all rest comfortably.

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