Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everyone needs to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I am a BzzAgent and I am bzzing about Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  This is one of the best bzz campaigns I have completed.

I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and have always tried to encourage others to do so as well.  Prior to signing up for this campaign, I was considering juicing more.  Well, after watching this video I plan on buying a new juicer this week. 

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is so inspirational and motivational. While watching this film, I thought of my parents.  My mother is, overweight, diabetic and has high blood pressure, my father is a marathon runner that has suffered from a heartache and has high blood pressure and takes medication for his heart.  They are always at the doctor.  I keep telling them it is good to be active, but your food intake is important.  I am hoping that this dvd will motivate them and will help them to understand how to develop a better diet.   

This film was created by Joe Cross.  He was 100 pounds over weight and suffering from a disease called autoimmune disease.  This film follows Joe from day one of mission to lead a healthy lifestyle.  His goal is to  lose weight and get off of the prescribed medicine.  He knows the body can heal itself so, he sets out on a 60 day fast(I call it a cleanse) in order to do so.  It is amazing to see what the body can do and how it can heal itself, if you just take in the right things.  It was like watching a miracle as it happened.

Just watching Joe, go through this process was emotional, motivating and inspiring.  He literally went on a journey and was spreading the word to others throughout the United States.  He shared his thoughts, drinks, time and personal battles.  Along the way he was able to connect with two main people and he changed their lives forever.  This lead to others being inspired and the three of them encouraging others.

I was on the edge of my seat during different times of this film, because I was rooting for all three people.  There stories were so ratable.  I encourage you to watch this film.  I am hoping that it touches you the way it has touched me. 

Here is a link for you to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I would love to hear your thoughts after viewing it.  Please share this link with other people.  It does not matter if you think you are very healthy or know everything about eating, diets or living a healthy lifestyle.  You should watch this film.

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  1. My husband told me about this movie, now I've really got to see it! Although I'm pretty good about modeling healthy eating habits for my kids, I really need to do a better job of exercising daily.

    1. I am so glad you were able to see the film. I understand how it can be a challenge to do all of the right things. Hopefully, you will be able to exercise more.