Friday, August 3, 2012

All Mighty Pacs is helping keep my family clean

As a member of Smily360, I received a package of All Mighty Pacs to try.  I was excited because, I am willing to find the right detergent to suit the needs of my family.

I do not know who was more excited, me or my kids.  My seven year old is always asking me if his swim towels or his swim wear are clean for the week.  For a kid that thinks summer time is a time to get completely dirty, I have to make sure I have detergent that works on hand.

What I like about All Mighty Pacs they are very simple.  They are super concentrated and they dissolve easily.  They have the right combination of powerful concentrated detergent with active stainlifters.  At first I was hestitant to use these pacs,because of the plastic pac, there are other detergent brands that have they same style pac and the pacs start to stick together or the pop open while just sitting in the laundry room.  I did not have this issue with All Might Pacs.

My washing experience was good.  I am still not convinced that only one pac is enough for any size load.  Overall I liked everything, except I am not completely sold on using the power pacs.   I like the idea of not having to measure the detergent, but I am  not sure if the pacs have enough detergent in them.  I am finding myself wanting to use the pacs on smaller loads.  My 17 year old daughter says, she wants to use two pacs for her larger loads.  I have used one pac on large loads and am not sure if I am satisfied.  The clothes appear to be clean, but I do not smell a lot of freshness.  I am into scents, so when I wash I want my clothes to smell like very clean laundry.  As for my sons stains they are gone, but I do pretreat them.

Maybe some of my readers are having different experiences and could share them with me.  If you would like please:
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