Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Vet Depot and K9 Advantix II Review

My dog Heaven and I are happy after using K9 Advantix II from the Vet Depot.  We received a full sized sample of K9 Advantix II for Heaven to try about two weeks ago. 

Prior to receiving the sample I browsed Vet Depot and found a variety of items for pets at discount prices.  In my case Heaven suffers from hot spots in which she did not have before.  I noticed they came after I stopped using topical prevention on her.  I had been using it every month for four years, but someone at the pet store told me it was not neccessary, especially if she is an indoor dog.  That was the biggest mistake I could have made with her.  Please keep in mind, Heaven is a resuce and I have been taking very good care of her. 

I could not wait to put K9 Advantix II on, because I have been hoping this would help with her skin issues.  Through, my research and speaking with vets, fleas and ticks can cause hot spots.  I have not seen any fleas or ticks on Heaven, but she definitely has hot spots.  She has only been using this topical prevention for a week, but I am seeing a slight difference.  Although, I did not see fleas before, I am feeling confident that she definitely does not have any on her.  I have disinfected my home and began the K9 Advantix II when I knew everything was fresh.  She is not scratching as much and I am suspecting like anything, I have to give it some time to really work.
Although we sampled K9 Advantix II, I plan on purchasing other items for Heaven from Vet Depot, it is definitely a one stop shop.  Vet Depot has allowed me to see many alternatives at a reasonable price.  I feel like I can find a solution for many things on this site.  This site is great for pet owners.  

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