Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My MBS- My Body Shots Review

My daughter and I are training for the Los Angeles Marathon and need as much energy as possible. It is important that we stay hydrated while training and staying healthy.  We received samples of MBS-My Body Shots to try and review.

When we received the box of Electro Sport and Electro Vitamin we noticed they were the perfect 2 ounce size With juggling busy schedules and training MBS is easy to throw in a bag while on the go.  We tried the Electro Vitamin first, it is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and hydrating electrolytes.  I decided to try mine on a morning that I was exhausted.  Instead of drinking my morning glass of water first, I drank Electro Vitamin first.  I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.  I could taste a hint of vitamins and minerals, but they were not overpowering.  When I place my order of MBS this will be on my list.

We have tried Electro Sport and really like it.  It is a low-calorie and low -sugar alternative to sports drinks.  Again, this is packed with electrolytes, Vitamin C, Calcium and Maganesium.  I absolutely do not like to drink anything before a work out, but I have tried it before and after and I like it.  It is the perfect size and I believe, a lot better than the sports drinks I have tried. 

One of the most important things I like about MBS is  it is caffeine and perservative free.  I am sensative towards caffeine, so when I say I felt good drinking this, I truly mean it.  I did not have to try and control a mood and hope that I can continue to drink this only on good days, when I think my body can tolerate drinking it.

My Body Shots also has an Electro Vitamin for Kids that I plan on purchasing for my son.  He wanted to try the Electro Vitamin I had, but I told him he had to wait until I purchase the vitamins for kids.

So far my daughter and I have had a pleasant experience with My Body Shots and plan on purchasing more in the future. 

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