Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Glade Expressions Starter Kit Review

I am Bzzing again!  I am participating in the Glade Expressions campaign with Bzz Agent and am glad I was  given this opportunity. 

My daughter and I were impressed by the smell of  Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist.   When we went to the store, we did spray a little to see which one we liked. (I know we shouldn't do that, but we had to test it.) Don't get me wrong there was a great selection and we had a tough decision to make, but I wanted to try the pineapple & mangosteen scent.  It smelled sooooo good.  When we returned home we immediately sprayed it.  So far I am pleased with it.  I do not have to spray it too much.  One or two sprays will fill the room and is long lasting. 

On the other hand I did redeem my coupon for Glade Expressions air diffuser and of course I decided to get the pineapple & mangosteen scent.  I placed this on my coffee table in my living room.  It fits in well with the theme and is decorative.  As for the smell it does smell good as well, but the scent is not very strong.  I can barely smell it if I am sitting on my couch.  The fragrance is supposed to last 30 days, but it has been 10 days and the scent is so faint. 

Overall, I like Glade products and I do like Glade Expressions.  I will definitely purchase the fragrance mist.  It offers my home a fresh, welcoming feel and I am pleased with that. 

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