Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have you purchased Fifty Two Shades of Blueish?

Although, I am not Jewish, I am going to read Fifty Two Shades of Blueish and see if it stirs up my every fantasy. 
Written by Karen S. Exkorn a published author and noted speaker, Fifty Two Shades of Blueish, is a parody of the "other" popular tome. 
A novel like this allows me to escape into another world or live vicariously through someone's life.  While taking on this campaign I was asked is there anything I have always wanted to do.  It seemed like an easy question, because I sometimes think of  things I want to do.  But, when I sat down and thougtht about it, I began to think, "Wow, I am boring.  How do I answer that question?" I am someone that does what I say I am going to to do.  So I know the things I am sharing with you I am going to accomplish. I guess this was a loaded question and I am trying to play it safe with my answer, because I know once I have written these things, I will try very hard to accomplish them all, so I will name a few.
Here are some the things I have always wanted to do and have not done:
Spend frivolously and not worry about it. (When I can afford to, it will be a one time occurrence)
Sky dive (This is the one that is extremely frightening, not too sure if I can do it)
Take a year off and travel to every place possible
Meet my knight in shining armor
Now that I am getting older, eat things without caring
My list can go on and on, but these are just some of the things I have on my list.  I plan on accomplishing these things and then some.  Until then, I am going to read Fifty Shades of Blueish and be inspired.  Here is an excerpt , after reading this you may want to head over to amazon for your copy. 
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