Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wreck It Ralph Review-Wreck It Ralph A Must See Film!

If you grew up in the era of, Pac Man, Miss Pac Man, Space Invaders, etc.  Wreck It Ralph will take you back to your childhood.  Wreck It Ralph opens in theaters, November 2nd I am stating it is a must see film.

After decades of being overshadowed by Fix It Felix, Ralph decides he is going to be a good guy.  He will take you on an arcade journey.  While he is on this journey he meets Vanellope von Schweetz.  Together the two will discover many things about themselves that will leave you with a heartwarming message. 

This is a film for the entire family.  I enjoyed it, my 18 year old once again, laughed and cried, so she really enjoyed it.  My seven year old he understood the message, but there were some things that were over his head and am glad they were, because they were a little risque. 

In my household we have come to a conclusion that Wreck It Ralph will be a box office hit.

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