Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Mia Mariu Review

Ok...yes, I am guilty of wearing a little make up some time!  Since, this is one of my guilty pleasures, I could not wait to share my experience while wearing Mia Mariu Mineral Eye Shadow Duo, RestauralCel-C Micrordemabrasion Thermal Activator and Suero Antiedad Aclarador Anti -aging Brightening Serum. 

I have expressed that I do not wear a lot of make up and when I am not wearing it, it is important to me that my skin looks great!  That is why I wanted to try Suero Antiedad Aclarador Anti-aging Brightening Serum.  On the days I want to walk around without make up, a brightening serum is perfect.  When I went to the premier of The Talk, make up free premier I used Suero Antiedad Aclarador Anti-aging Brightening Serum.  I had only been using it for a short while, but I felt good about my skin.  I have been using different brightening serums for a while.  This is one of the few brands that I have used that is white and a light cream.  At the premier, a few people told me they liked my skin.  That built up my confidence.  I don't not have a problem leaving home after applying my serum and lip balm and voila!  I am ready to begin my day.

There are times I want to be what I call, "spicey."  I  will put on some make up.  I love wearing eye shadow.  A few years ago, I started wearing it and then I stopped.  Now I am wearing it again, and love it.  I love applying it, when I have freshly arched brows.  Recently I wore the Mia Mariu Mineral Eye Shadow Duo to the Bryan Brothers Tennis and Wine Fest and again, I received compliments.  It matched with my tan and purplish dress, pretty well.  It was not too heavy, it gave a naturual look.   It stayed on for hours.  When I was applying it I did notice that it is very soft, which made it easy to apply.  I was not concerned if I needed to touch it up during the four hours I was there. 

I also tried the RestauraCel-C Microdermabrasion Thermal Activator,  I received three small samples.    I liked that it feels like a scrub.  It said to mix it with a refinisher, in which I do not have, so I really cannot give it a fair review.  With the samples I did try, I can honestly say, that if I had the refinisher I believe I would be pleased. 

When I went to the Mia Mariu site  I was pleased with the selection of natuaral beauty products.  I wanted to try everything.  They have nutritional supplements, brushes, and a variety of make up.  I had been contemplating switching to a mineral make up and I do know that Mia Mariu is one I plan on incorporating into my skin care routine.  I am glad I had the opportunity to try their products and I am able to share my experience.

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