Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Get Red Carpet Ready with Nancy O'Dell and Yoplait Greek 100

You often hear about pre- Emmy parties or see the highlights on t.v.  Well, this year I was invited to attend the Yoplait Greek Greek 100 and Nancy O'Dell pre Emmy event.  She was promoting the greek yogurt and giving us tips on how to be red carpet ready.  What girl does not want to know how to be red carpet ready?

I just recently started eating greek yogurt and I do like Nancy O'Dell.  Prior to attending the event, I had in mind that the healthiest greek yogurt could only be found in health food or specialty stores.  Well....Nancy O'Dell and Yoplait Greek 100, surprised me.  At the event there was plenty of yoplait to sample.   I did not try the yogurt at the event, but I did try some cupcakes.  These cupcakes were amazing.  They were topped with yoplait yogurt that tasted more like a cream cheese topping.  They also had chicken enchiladas, but I left before they were served.

Nancy O'Dell told us that Yoplait Greek 100 contains 10 grams of protein, is 100 calories (of course) and is a great healthy snack.  She said, when she received her samples (boxes) she took some to work, packed some in her kids lunches and just gave them out.  She had to request more.  I was thinking could it be that good, I like my other brand.  Can yoplait, be healthy?  Well, I went home and packed a frozen yogurt for my son's lunch so it would defrost by the time he had recess or lunch.  I packed him strawberry, that is his favorite.  When I picked him up from school, I did not have to ask him if he liked it.  I he told me, he liked it and wanted me to pack him another the next day.  I have tried it as well, and I do like it.  I guess Nancy knows her greek yogurt.

Now, back to the event.  While sampling yogurt, we were able to get our make up done and mini massages.  I had my make up touched up and got some lashes added.  I felt great!  I kept telling myself, if I only had somewhere to go after this. 

This event was different than many events I have attended.  The one thing I really liked, was when O'Dell entered the room, she introduced herself, told us about the product and then, she through us for a loop.  She wanted to meet us.  This does not happen often, if ever at all.

This made me feel very comfortable and it seemed other members of the media enjoyed this portion of the event.  She was so down to earth.  After the introductions, she told us how she prepares for the red carpet and of course how much she loves yoplait.  After trying it for myself, I can see why she is standing by this product.  I did speak with her during the event and were both saying, how it is so hard to manage your weight as you get older and eating Yoplait Greek can definitely help you stay on track. We laughed and talked like we were girlfriends.  So in my mind, I have made a new friend.   No... I am not crazy.  She was so approachable, that is feeling I had at that moment.

Now, I know how to get red carpet ready and my family and I are eating Yoplait Greek 100.   I had a wonderful time.

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