Saturday, November 24, 2012

What Daddy Did Today Review

We often read stories about mothers and their children, but Walter Wally author of What Daddy Did Today A Father's Bedtime Story, sheds some light on father's and their children.

My son and I received the book in the mail today and read it as soon as we received it.  He has asked he may share it with his class.  He wanted to review it immediately to share it with all of our readers.

I can understand his excitement.  What Daddy Did Today takes you on an adventure from the jungle, outer space and back home.  While reading this book, my son and laughed.  It was an easy read.  This is a book that will remain on our book shelf and apart of our bedtime story routine. 

After completing the book, my son kept saying, "Thank you mom."   Well, thank you Walter Wally for making my son think I am the greatest mom right now.

What Daddy Did Today can be purchased at  .

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