Thursday, December 27, 2012

Children's Advil Fever Brand Review

Infants' & Children's Advil

Keeping my children feeling good when they are down is so important to me. As member of smiley 360 I was open to trying Children's Advil Fever Brand.

I have a seven year old that rarely gets sick, but the seasons this year have been so different, I did not know what to expect. So I thought, I'd better apply for this mission, just in case.

I have used Advil Fever Brand over the years.  I have an 18 year old that had constant fevers due to her asthma, so I knew this would be mission that I truly believed in. It is safe and effective.
One week after receiving my Children's Advil, I picked my son up from school and he had a fever of 102 degrees. I immediately gave him a dose of Advil. He took a long nap and the fever was gone. It seems as though, he was going through the beginning stages of a flu, because he complained of a stomach ache, sore throat and he was hot. I did give him warm a cup of raw honey and fresh lemon. Trust me I was pleasantly surprised, because as we all know sometimes it can take a while for a sick child to feel well. This was perfect, because I was worried, because we had a family outting planned for the next day and my son was so concerned we would not be able to go. We went and he felt fine.

I am someone that does not like to take a lot of medicine or give my family lots of medicine, but sometimes I have to and this was one of those times and it worked out well for us.

There is also Advil Infant Concentrated Drops that are available, for ages 6-23 months. It works for teething pain, minor aches due to common cold and fever reducer just as Children's Advil.

Advil has been a product that I have trusted over the years for my family and will continue to use. After experiencing my son getting sick recently and with the great results I will continue to use it
If you are unsure about using Infants’ Advil® or Children’s Advil® talk to your pediatrician. Also, look for fever resources and high value coupons at your pediatrician’s office while supplies last.

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