Thursday, December 20, 2012

Disney On Ice Presents Dare to Dream Review

It has become a family tradition to attend Disney on Ice in my family. This year was a little different. Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream. I was a little hestitant about attending, because I have a seven year old son that is really into everything related to boys. He insisted we go, because it is what we do every year. So, I thought, why break tradition, it will be fun.

I was pleasantly surprised. Although, the show was focused on Princess Tiana, Cinderella and Rapunzel, it kept the focus of the boys in the audience. I was not thinking these stories could not be what they are without, the frog, the prince, and all of the other characters in the stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. What I had forgetten was, this show is not just about princesses, it is about dreaming and dreams coming true. We all have dreams and would love for them to come true. Dare to Dream appeals to us all.

The show started out with Bayou Beat. Tiana meets some of her Bayou friends and they really had the audience hyped for the show.

As the show went into Faster! Faster! Cinderella, I asked my son, did he know the story of Cinderella, as the audience was shouting the magical words, said by the Fairy Godmother, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Shoe!" He replied,"No..." I thought oh my goodness, everyone knows this story. He really liked this story while watching and when we returned home I pull it off the bookshelf and for sure he will know this classic fairy tale.

On of the most exciting parts of this show was the Hair Raising Escape. Rapunzel was amazing from the moment she swung down from her tower. The different moves, or I would call them stunts, because I could not imagine doing the things they did; where as the children would say, "awesome".

Feld Entertainment's Disney On Ice did not disappoint me and my family and from judging by the reaction from the audience duing the show, Dare to Dream was a great show and I am glad we went after all. It opened my eyes to the one most important story I missed telling my son about. We had wonderful time and cannot wait to see what the theme will be next year.

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