Monday, January 21, 2013

Parnevu Review

Having healthy hair is important to me.  With so many hair care products on the market it can sometimes be hard to find hair care products that work well for my hair.  For years I had been using another brand that I had been pleased with.  Recently I received Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo, Conditioner and T-Tree Growth Creme and was pleasantly surprised and am now using Parnevu instead of the other hair care line I was using before.

Finding a product that locks in moisture is essential for me for I have sandy brown hair that can look pretty dry when it is straightened (pressed/flat ironed) or when wet and worn naturally.  Prior to trying Parnevu I have used T-Tree Oil for an itchy or dry scalp as a way to moisturize my hair.   T-Tree oil offers many advantages for the hair like:
  • T-Tree oil naturally nourishes the hair and scalp
  • Locks in moisture
  • Stops itching
  • Prevents flaking
  • Removes unwanted build-up from hair left by other shampoos
  • Natural conditioning agents in the conditioner repair and protect, leaving the hair softer, shinier, and manageable and tangle free
  • Strengthens hair
  • Stimulates growth
  • Prevents split ends
  • Stops breakage
Keeping this in mind I was eager to use Parnevu.  The Parnevu line is not only appealing because it has T-Tree oil, but it smells good.  Upon wetting  my hair I applied  a nickle size drop of shampoo on my hair and was surprised by how the shampoo lathered so quickly and with a small amount.  After washing my hair a couple of times it was squicky clean.  I then conditioned my hair and again the conditioner smelled just as good as the shampoo.  The conditioner is not too thick although it is very creamy.  Both of these products would be considered high quality hair care products.    Knowing the benefits of T-Tree Oil I have been pleased with using Parnevu. 

A few months ago I cut my hair and do not plan on growing it back for a while.  But, my daughter is a nice length of hair and believes it is important to use products like T-Tree Herbal Growth Creme.  After applying it to her hair she said, "We are swictching to this!"    She applies it to her entire head when she wears it wet, when it is dry she uses it for her edges to lie them down or when she is wear her hair in a pony tail or just with a head band she then applies it through it.  So far she is pleased with it.

Moisture and shine have meet in my hair.  I am pleased with Parnevu T-Tree Oil and will continue to use the product.

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