Friday, August 23, 2013

#Daphne's California Greek Cafe has the worst customer service

Daphne's California Greek Café, Woodland Hills-  For the past month I have had issues with Daphne's California Greek Café Woodland Hills. 

Last month I was invited to the Burbank Daphne's for a blogger event and received a gift card for attending.  The event was great.  My daughter and I gave the event and the food a great review on our food blog Food Generations. 

Our perception of Daphne's began to slowly change when we finally decided to dine at the Woodland Hills location.  Our first and second dining experience were fine.  During the first visit we were asked to sign up for the pita points program they offer.  We did so, without question and we did not ask what the benefits were.  When we returned for our second visit.  I was told I had a $5 credit or a discount.   I did not think anything of it, because this is what the cashier was telling me.   I paid for everything with my card and off we went.  On the third visit the same thing happened, this time I was getting another $5 discount.  Mind you I am just going along with what they are telling me.  This time the cashier cannot issue the discount she has told me about after calling out the manager.   He immediately starts telling me he cannot issue the discount although she told me I was receiving one, because I have a corporate, black card.  I began to explain to him that this was issued as a gift card and I do not care about the points I just want to pay for my food.  I did tell him that it is poor customer service to tell me one thing and then take it back.   He then decided to issue the discount.  I was so irritated with him.  He then writes down my points card number and tells me he is calling his regional manager.  Really.....On August 20th I returned again and the first cashier I had a few weeks back tells me the manager held a meeting or asked all of the staff who helped me and that I was trying to get over.  Wow.....I am taken by surprise, because I was only dining in like any other customer.  Today, I made the mistake of returning to the same Daphne's.  This time my daughter and I place our order.  The cashier asked for my phone number.  I gave it to her.  Then I gave her my black card again.  She does not know how to complete the transaction.  She asked two other workers they did not know.  One of them goes to the back and they bring out the manager that has made a big deal about my dining in before.  When he sees me he picks up the phone and says he is calling his regional manager.  I asked him why.  I tell him there is no need I just want to pay for my food and go.  He then starts saying something about pita points.  I told him I am not concerned with some points I just want to purchase my food.  I got so frustrated and slammed my cup down, looked across the crowded room and call my daughters name to leave. 

Within 10 minutes of leaving.  I receive a call from an unrecognizable number.  I did not answer, but a voicemail was left.  I listened to it to find the regional manager leaving a message.  This is unreal.  Does the regional manager call all customers?  What they need to recognize is I am a customer and they have no right to call me without me giving them my number.  Have some tact.  I returned the call and immediately he starts talking about pita points.  I tell him the same thing I tell the manager.  He  began telling me at first he was on my side, but he has known this manager for 11 years and he agrees that I am combative, because of my tone with him.  My tone was one of irritation, because I could not believe this man was calling me.  What type of training did he receive.  He even told a tall tale, stating that a customer called him and complained saying I was disruptive in the store.  How is that possible when he was calling me in a matter of minutes and it would have taken time for a customer to obtain the phone number.  If he did speak to someone, the manager handed them the phone and told them to speak with him, because he was calling him when I was in the store.  Regardless, he should not have told me that.  Does he call every customer that they have an issue with.  He kept saying, you are one of us.  He says he remembers me from the event.  I vaguely remember meeting him.  I was told he arrived towards the end.   No, I was a guest at an event that blogged and shared how wonderful you were through social media.  It was fine to treat me as a customer that could drive business to the franchise you work for, but now you want to treat me poorly.  You have no right to call me or do anything else.  Oh yes, let me not forget to mention while I talking to him, he would ask a question and if I did not answer yes or now, he would say, I do need to hear a story all I need is a yes or nor answer.  Has this man lost his mind.  I am not his child and he has no right to speak to me in that manner.  I told him my feelings were hurt.  He then tells me, your feeling can get you in trouble.  We ended the conversation by me telling him I will not be supportive of Daphne's and will not be a customer. 

I did not post this review on my other blog, because the feelings at the time are true.  But today, I have different feelings.  I know I should not allow matters like this affect my day, but I was truly affected by this. 

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