Monday, August 11, 2014

The Original Thai BBQ Studio City Review - Thai Restaurants in Los Angeles

I have been eating at The Original Thai BBQ Studio City for over a decade and I thought it was some of the best Thai food in Los Angeles.   I stopped eating there because over the years the experience is like a flip of the coin, you never know what you are going to get.

I think I have had it with them at this point.  My family had not been there in a while and thought it would be nice to have Thai BBQ.

We could not wait to order some Thai iced tea.  We placed our order with the waitress that seemed a bit short with us.  After placing the order, she immediately brought it out.  When we tasted the drinks they did not taste good.   I could not drink mine,  I told the waitress and her response was she had already made it.   I thought, and...was she telling me I had to keep it because she had prepared it and I had to it drink either way.  Yes, that is what she was suggesting.  I insisted that she take it back and off of my bill.  She went to the back and all I could hear was screaming and yelling.  There were not many guest in the restaurant.  Well, I can see why now.  Are you kidding me?  My daughter opted to keep her drink, but she did not drink it.  Now, I was going to have to pay for a drink that no one was drinking.   You would think she would have taken that off of the bill as well.

When the waitress returned she was so rude, she would not address me, she kept looking at my 19 year old daughter.  Okay this heifer was getting out of line. I am the one paying this bill you may want to address me and not my child.  This went on the two times she came back to the table to check on us.  She was acting so rude I wonder if our food was safe to eat.  We ate it, but with a lot of questions running through our mind.

This was the last time we ate at The Original Thai BBQ, Studio City and I am sure we will not return.

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