Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Time Warner Cable Review - Cable Review

I have been a Time Warner Cable customer for years and have finally decided to not use them as my service provider.

I became extremely fed up when I moved and wanted to pay out my bill.  The representative told me, to just do the address change, not pay, because there may be credits or a lesser bill.  I did just that and my bill seemed to have doubled.

I called in to make arrangements at this point and try to make sense of what was going on with my account.  I was given a minimum amount and I paid that.  The representative said she was notating it on my account.  A week later my service was disconnected.  How could this be?  I called and the notes did not reflect my notes or the agreed arrangement.  Ironically, I was speaking to the representative that made the arrangements.  This rep was a piece of work, not only did she not take proper notes, she did not have anything we discussed.  It was like she told me one thing the first time we spoke, but typed in something else.  I do not know what she could get out of doing this, but she did it and had a very bad attitude when I questioned her.  I did not expect her to remember me, so I had I hard time disputing this.  She kept saying, " am reading the notes and there is no way I would have made those arrangements."  If I had known this would have happened  I would not have agreed to make the payment arrangements.  I asked to speak to a manager.  The manager was of no help, he was agreeing with the lying representative.  I then asked for them to pull the recorded call.  They basically told me I would have jump through hoops to get that done.  That is if the call was even recorded.  Why say the call is/may be recorded when you know it is not.  This is why these representatives get away with so much.

I was so fed up, I have said goodbye to TWC.  They have the worst customer service.  They do not care about the customers.  The reps are mean spirited, liars and do not want to do their job or make the customers feel like they matter.  Please note there were other issues prior to this, I could not take it anymore.
I have switched to AT&T.  There service is not the best, but they do have better customer service.

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