Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color Nails Granada Hills - Color Nails Review

After hearing about how great Color Nails in Granada Hills was and after reading Yelp reviews; my daughter and I went to Color Nails to get our nails done.

The first time we went we thought our nails looked descent.  I got the gel manicure and my daughter decided to get acrylic nails.  After the second day both of our nails began to break,  the polish was chipping and looked dull.  We do not use our hands enough for this to happen.  

We informed Mimi and she had the guy that did my daughter's nails  repair them.  Normally, I would have spoken up, but my nails were so far gone and I could not believe she did not offer to repair my nails.  I  ended  up paying to have them redone, only days after getting them done the first time. Mimi should have insisted on my nails being redone at no cost.  Mind you one week had not passed and I was getting them done again.  

After we left the same thing happened.  This time, my daughter called and Mimi and Mimi told her to come back and they would repair the one broken nail. This is very inconvienent, considering we do not live close by.

The next week, my daughters nails looked a mess.  We decided to schedule an appointment and get our nails done one last time.  During this visit after getting our nails done, I told Mimi all that transpired and how I was dissatisfied with the customer service and our nails.  She seemed a bit bothered, she did not offer to do our nails as a curtesy considering every time I came in they never tried to rectify the problem.  My daughter and I wasted time and money coming here and Mimi offered nothing, not even an apology.  

I am more than positive the polish does not last because I saw them dilute the polish when the bottle seemed empty.  

After the last visit our nails lasted four days.  This time we did get pedicures and they lasted two days, the polish began to chip.  A pedicure will normally last one month.  

Also, the staff at Color Nails, even Mimi are a bit standoffish.  They really need to work on their people skills and customer service.

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