Monday, December 15, 2014

Shapes Brow Bar Sherman Oaks Review - Hair Removal For Eyebrows

My daughter and I have been getting our brows done at Shapes Brow Bar in Sherman Oaks for one year now.  Jenny/Jenique, I am not sure how to pronounce her name has been threading our brows for most of the time and we have developed  a relationship with her.  She does great brows and seems fairly nice, but makes racist statements that are unacceptable.

She always questions why my daughter and I have curly hair considering we are African American.  She has also asked, why is is straight when we slick it down. She has said that black people cannot grow there hair.  WHAT????  She is silly.   She has been in America for about 7 years, but she should know better.  She is constantly putting her hands in our heads.

Not only does she question the texture and length of our hair, she will ask why does my daughter have long hair.  My daughter does have long hair, but sometime she will add extensions.  A couple of weeks ago,  Jenny told my daughter your hair looks nice and then asked if she had extensions.  She began running her hands through my daughters hair.   I was mortified and pissed!!!  My daughter was frozen. On this day she did have extensions. I then told her that was rude.  How would she like it if someone is constantly questioning something about her heritage and make false statements about her race.  No one wants someone touching them like they are so different from them.

She is so ignorant, she does not realize that my daughter has full head of hair and like many women no matter the race, she will occasionally were some tracks.

Although, she is good at threading she will never thread our brows again.

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