Monday, October 6, 2014

Apple Customer Experience - iPhone Parts Cost

This past Saturday my family went to the Apple Store, Woodland Hills in the Topanga Mall.  My daughter's charger on her iPhone stopped working and she needed a new one.  Someone told her, I cannot remember who, that if you have an issue with your charger, Apple Store will replace it.  Mind you she had just got the phone in July and there is a warranty.

When we arrived at the store, of course their was organized caous because of the new iPhone 6.  An Apple employee with a tablet stood at the front of the store and asked us what did we need help with.  We told her what we needed and she looked at us and said the chargers are on the wall to left.  My daughter immediately told her, that she was there to have it replaced.  The Apple employee looked at her and said, "No maam, you have to purchase it."  My daughter then told her that she knew the charger could be replaced.  The woman rolled her eyes, looked at her and handed her the tablet and said, we are booked today, but you can come back tomorrow during anyone of these times.

Never once did she acknowledge that my daughter was correct, she called my 20 year old maam.  Really???  She never said, thank you or goodbye.

We returned the next day and everything went smoothly.  The charger was replaced without any problem.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.

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