Friday, September 26, 2014

Infinity Insurance Company Review - Insurance Car Companies

Beware of Infinity Insurance Company.  Last week my daughter was rear ended by an uninsured driver, who was driving the car of someone that has the car covered through Infinity Insurance.

On the day of the  accident we began calling Myra at Infinity.  She did not return our calls.  When we called it was always, she is gone for the day or we left messages on her voice mail.  After five days of us calling, our insurance company calling and the body shop calling I had enough, I called her.   Mind you we were calling because, all we had was a claim number, a rental car and our car was dropped off at a body shop and we needed to speak with someone.

I was finally able to reach her.  I called her extension and reached the voice mail again.  I hit zero for the operator and guess who answers?  Myra...So she's the receptionist also.  I let her know that it was very unprofessional to not return any of our calls.  She began to claim, that she called all five people on my end that had called her.  That is not true, none of us had messages from her.  Our plan on this day was to all call her until we reached her and it worked.  She later began to say, I cannot hear you.  Your phone is fading.  The funny thing is she tried saying this to all of us.  Did she really think we were dumb enough to believe she could not hear us.  I know she did this, because after we each reached her, we compared our conversations.

Prior to calling her, my insurance told me what the limit was and so did the body shop.  She tried telling me, that there were claim issues and I should just use my insurance.  That was not going to happen.  When I told her I knew the limit and the damages and rental were within that budget she tried telling me to not trust the body shop, that they did not give me an accurate quote that it could increase considerably.  Little did she know, the body shop had told me that it would only increase by $200 and not more than that, I still had $2000 wiggle room.

After getting off of the phone with her, she called my daughter.  My daughter says she spoke to her in a condscending tone questioning her age, as if to say I should not be calling.  I am going to inquiry, it is my car that has been damaged.

Surprisingly she did call today.  She told me the car will be repaired, but I will have to pay for the rental out of pocket and they reimburse me.  Is she crazy???  There is enough to cover the rental.  She was still saying that I needed to wait for an accurate quote and I should not know the limit for the claim.  She questioned who told me.  The quote I had was from an adjuster from Infinity. She was trying to say that it was not.  The body shop told me it was.   She then said she would see if I could be an exception and they cover the rental. She said the only way they would cover it, is if I had gone to the body shop she suggested.  I told her she did not suggest a body shop, because it took five days to reach her.  She tried saying she did not call back, because she knew they had claim issues.  This girl has to be kidding!!!  She should have called back either way.  Once again, she was making up another story.

When I got off the phone with her I called the body shop.  He said, he could not understand why she is playing so many games.  She is acting as if this is coming out of her own pocket.  I still have $2000 wiggle room they can cover the rental and then some.

Now, I waiting for her to call back to act as though, the rental cannot be covered.

Infinity is definitely not one of the best car insurance companies.  I understand there are procedures when handling insurance claims, but this is unacceptable.

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