Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Calabasas Auto Spa and Detail Review

Have you ever been to an upscale retailer or service provider and the workers act as if they own the store or they are better than you?  This is what I have experienced at Calabasas Auto Spa and Detail.

A lot of the cars that are being washed range from Bentley's, Range Rovers, BMW  to Ford, Volkswagen etc.  I have been coming to this car wash for close to 20 years and will not be returning anytime soon.

The customer service is hit or miss.  Sometime, the manager is very friendly and others he is not.  I recall in 2011 I purchased a non luxury car and when I was conversing with him, he stated that the car was not a new car.  It was a new car, but it was not luxury.  This man has the classic case of  I think I am better, because I work here.  I am willing to bet, at the end of the day he drives off in his old car to his low income neighborhood.   On this particular day, one of the customers tipped him $100 and gave the other workers an amount I am not sure of and shortly after, that is when he made the statement to me about my old car.  I thought, this guy is rude.  Does he not realize, he is the one offering a services.   I could have easily hurt his feelings.  Mr. Car Wash Man.

I do not know how many times, I have taken my car in and they all act as if I am a new customer. They seem to only remember certain people.

Recently, I came in for a car wash and the manager insisted I pay for two washes, because he felt my car was too dirty.  Mind you I am anal about keeping my car clean.  Yes, it was dirty, but it had been one month since I had gotten the car washed.  It was not that dirty. Mind we do not eat in the car and I do not park under trees, in dirt, etc.  I told him, they needed to wash it once, in which that would be sufficient.  He would not budge and told me to take my car somewhere else.  This guy's head has been inflated or his head is really foggy.  How dare you treat me like this.  I am sure if I pulled up in a $200, 000 car I would not have received this sort of treatment.

I did ask to speak to the owner and I was given the run around.  No one was willing to help.  I left and then drove to another car wash and they did not have a problem with my car.  They charged me for one wash and seemed to have done a better job than Calabasas Auto Spa and Detail.  I do not know how many times I have to tell them, they have missed a spot.  They do not always take pride in my car as they do the others.

I have looked at their yelp reviews.  I am willing to bet the people that are writing the reviews are not real people or I guess it would be safe to assume, I know who the people are that write the positive things about this car wash.

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