Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey - Seafood Restaurants In Los Angeles- Killer Shrimp Review

Over the summer my family made the drive from the Valley to Marina Del Rel, to dine at Killer Shrimp.  Since the old location in Studio City left years ago, it had been years since we had Killer Shrimp.

Our dinning experience ended with us questioning if it was worth the drive.  The food was just as we remembered it, DELICIOUS!!!  Our waitress was lacking in personality and good customer service.  We arrived at the beginning of happy hour.  I do not drink, but decided maybe I will try something.  I explained this to the waitress telling her I would need something sweet.  She suggested a drink that tasted like straight, liquor.  I asked that it be taken off, she seemed bothered.  What was I supposed to do, I did not like it? Did she not remember she suggested the drink, it was way too strong.

After that, things seemed to go downhill.  She had an attitude throughout the remainder of our meal.  She barely acknowledged us, but was very personable with the surrounding tables.  When it was time for her to give us our check, she seemed a little better.  Did she think she was going to get a good tip?  We had not eaten all of our food, so we needed to have her place our food in the to go cartons.  She and a server took our bowls.  I watched them pour our food into the cartons, but they did not keep track of which bowl belonged to each person at the table.  The cartons were brought bag and just randomly given to us.  I was so upset.  She had such an attitude I did not bother to address it.  I was going to call the next day.

I did make that call, each time I called the manager was in a meeting of some sort.  I was asked my name, but not my number the times I called.  After calling several times, I did not call back again.

It sucks when you have been craving something and then when you finally get it, either it does not taste the same or something just messes up your whole vibe and the experience is off.

Killer Shrimp has good food, but they need to train the waitresses in hospitality.

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