Friday, August 22, 2014

ABC's Black-ish - Anthony Anderson Is One of The Rudest Celebrities -

Will I or will I not support Anthony Anderson's new show Black-Ish?  The reason I ask this question is, when Anthony Anderson was on the show Guys With Kids, I was invited to sit in on a taping and round table with with two other bloggers, cast and crew.

What seemed like a good opportunity turned sour as soon as I asked Anthony a question.  Initially Anthony was very friendly, a bit over the top, but I could tolerate it.  I started off my question with a statement by saying, I know he is manly, but how is it take on a role as a stay at home dad, that some would call a feminine job or a woman's job.  Mind you the show revolved around him and I think two other guys that took care of their children while their wives worked.  I wanted to elaborate before Anthony began cussing me out. " F" bombs were flying everywhere.  It was a full on  attack of words.  I could not believe this was happening.  The cast and crew sat looking.  Oh yes, the publicist that invited me did not say a word either. The producers did not say a word.  Here I was a guest and was being treated horribly by this actor that seems to be having a rough time keeping a job.  Ummm I wonder why?  Finally, Tempestt Bledsoe, who played is wife on the show, stepped in and tried to simmer the situation by saying, he did not allow me the opportunity to ask my question or finish my statement.  By this time I was near tears, but I was not going to allow him to get to me.  When I have shared this story with others they all say he may have wanted me to argue with him.  Trust me, I wanted to go off on him.  But we all should have a high level of professionalism and class in which Anthony Anderson is lacking in both.  Eventually, he began to act as though he was calming down.  As the interview went on he would turn to one of the other bloggers and say I am going to ask the white girl, I like her and acted as if I was not there.

When the producers sat down for their interview, I could not ask any questions.  I was just their.  I had been humiliated, by this jerk of an actor/comedian.  One of the producers did make a slight remark about how Anthony can joke a lot.  No, this was not a joke.  He was rude, nasty and arrogant.

Needless to say the show was cancelled.  Now he is starring in the new ABC series Black-ish.  I like the cast and would like to support this show, but since that day on set with Anthony, I have not watched anything he is in.  Oh yeah it is not like he works a lot, but I did not watch the Soul Train Awards when he hosted them.

Let's see how long Anthony Anderson keeps this job.  The show looks like it my be a show to watch.  I am not sure if Anthony Anderson can pull of the role of a wealthy black man, with class.  This is when he will have to show his acting ability, if he has any.

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