Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Review of Dr. Sears Family Essentials Cool Fuel Kid's Bars

Dr. Sears Family Essentials Cool Fuel Kid's Bars were a hit in my house.  My family loved them.  I have to admit I ate a couple myself.  I am Mom Ambassador for Moms Meet and I received these bars to try and share with my family and friends. 

When I received the bars, both my 17 year old daughter and 6 year old son were so excited.  They could not wait to try them.  We try to live a healthy life style so this was perfect for us.  Especially for my six year old, because he loves to eat bars.  He has not really been exposed to too many unhealthy things so he thinks natural and healthy foods are the norm unlike some other children I know.

As I understand it, Dr. Sears wants to make easier and healthy snacks.  Dr. Sears Family Essentials is doctor- formulated, kid approved line of 100% natural snacks.

These cool bars, are really cool.  My children snacked on them throughout the day and loved them.  I was not worried about what they were consuming.  If we were running late, they would grab a bar to take with them.  These can be eaten at anytime.  They are healthy and convenient. Because these bars are an excellent source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids and packed with protein.  We tried both the Chocolate Chip and Double Fudge Brownie. 

If you are looking for a healthy snack your kids will enjoy, this is definitely something you should try. 

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