Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Review of Baja Fresh Calabasas

Tonight I called the Baja Fresh in Calabasas to place an order to go. I placed my order and asked the cashier what was my total. She kept telling me my order was fine and she would give me the total when I arrived to pick it up. I did not want to do that, but I just let it go. When I drove over there I had my daughter run in to pick up the order, I gave her my debit card. When my daughter came out I asked for the receipt. She said the cashier did not give her one. I sent my daughter back in. When she came out, she brought a copy of the credit transaction, not a detailed receipt. I then sent her back in, the cashier gave her a receipt that only showed the amounts of what we purchased, not showing the tax or anything. It was still not the correct receipt, but I was tired of waiting and thought to just let it go, once again. When I arrived home, our food was cold. Mind you we live in the area. I ordered a burrito. As I ate it after cutting it in half. I noticed a hair in my food. I told my daughter to look at it. We immediately agreed that it could not be my hair, because my hair is pulled back into a bun. I called up to Baja Fresh and spoke with the same cashier. I began to tell her about the hair and she immediately got defensive and said it was impossible for it to have been hair from the employees there and asked what was I expecting her to do. I told her that they needed to replace my burrito. She said she was busy and could not deal with me at the moment. I thought I heard incorrectly. I asked for her name and she refused to give it to me. As I made the attempt to talk she kept over talking me. Then she hung up on me. I could not believe it, so I called back. I let the phone ring 16 times and then she finally answered and started yelling saying she was busy with customers and she was the only one there in charge. I tried telling her that I would call the corporate office, she told me to do what I had to, and that I was making trouble. All I wanted was another burrito. I thought, she could not be the manager. She then hung up on me again. This was truly horrible customer service. I never did get her name and I am not going to drive over there and demand a burrito. I will be speaking to the corporate headquaters as soon as they open tomorrow. What happened to good customer service.

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