Thursday, January 10, 2013

The House At The End Of the Street-Scavenger Hunt & Night w/ Mark Tonderai

Attending a launch party and scavenger hunt was fun!  I attended the exclusive Hollywood scavenger hunt and launch party for The House at The End of Street.  I am so glad I decided to go.  I almost did not go, because when I saw the word, "haunted"  I was afraid to go.  I had it all wrong.  The scavenger hunt was not scarey at all.  I was paired with a great partner and blogger, Jamie Gall of Minnesota Girl Transplanted in LA.  We had a nice time on the scavenger hunt and towards the end realized we put too much thought into our efforts to win.  We did not win, but we enjoyed ourselves.

The second part of the scavenger hunt led us to the Geisha House in Hollywood for the launch party for The House at The End of The Street.  The director, Mark Tonderai was in attendance and gave us insight about the film and showed video of how the film was made.  I had wanted to see this film before attending this event, but after watching scences from the movie, his interaction with the actors and listening to all of their views about the film I could not wait to get home and watch the film.  The House At The End of The Street is a film you want to see or add to your movie collection.

Valerie Mitchell(Sweeps4Bloggers) and Mark Tonderai

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