Monday, January 14, 2013

Woolzie Dry Ball Review

As most of you may know, I  wash a lot of clothes.  I have had the opportunity to review Woolzies Dryer Balls .  I have heard of people using dryer but did not quit understand why.

When I received the package all I could do was stare at the balls.  I kept thinking what am I supposed to do.  I washed a load of clothes and through one ball into the dryer.  When my clothes came out of the dryer I thought I felt a difference, I was not quit sure.  I should have read the directions or watched the above video.  I was supposed to use all six balls.  After using all six balls I could definitely feel and see a difference in my clothes.  They were soft.  My clothes are drying faster, but I have not been consistent in taking them out of the dryer when they are dry.  I am still waiting for the dryer to stop and then I take them out.  Like many people I like to save money, so I am making an effort to check the dryer more often.  The other mistake I have made was using my regular fabric softener in my wash load.  I have found that using that and Woolzies causes static. I have used the fabric softener out of habit.  I know you can add different scents to the Woolzies Dryer Balls, I have not done so, because I have not found a scent that smells like the fabric softener or dryer softeners that I like.  My clothes do not have the strong scent when they come out of the dryer I am relying on my deteregent for that fresh smell.  I am sure I will find something soon. 

Overall, Woolzies Dry Balls do dry my clothes faster and softens them as well.

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